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how facebook slideshow ads

how facebook slideshow ads

Brands are always looking for ways to better connect with consumers. Facebook Slideshow gives small businesses an easy and cost-effective way to create engaging ad experiences that can broaden reach to emerging markets. Video is booming, but every business doesn’t have the time or resources to create them. Here’s how it works:

Facebook Slideshow

With Slideshow, advertisers can create a video-like ad by merging 3 to 7 still images that can be from existing video or photos, and stock images from Facebook’s library. You can add audio and text overlay to bring your stories to life and send a message to your audience.

Creating a Slideshow Ad

If you are familiar with Facebook ads, you can quickly create a Slideshow through the Facebook Ad Campaign.

1. First, choose your objective. You can add a Slideshow to any objective that supports video.

2. After choosing your objective, choose the Page you will be promoting and add the necessary information specific to your ad campaign (targeting, budget, scheduling).

3. In the Video section, choose the Create Slideshow option and add up to 3-7 images to your slideshow ad. Images can be uploaded from your computer/mobile device or added from your page and Facebook stock photos.



4. You can add free audio tracks to play during the Slideshow and add text with different fonts and colors.

5. Set a total length of your Slideshow up to 35 seconds.

6. Click Create Slideshow again to finalize your video. Then, choose the thumbnail of your video ad and enter the text and any call to action buttons you want to show.

Better Optimization For Emerging Markets and Slower Connections

According to Facebook, users are watching at least 1 video during their time on the platform. And as more people around the world gain access social media, it’s important that different variables are taken into account.

Slideshow uses less data and loads faster than the average video ad, making it more accessible for users on 2G or 3G connections. Facebook has demonstrated that a 15-second Slideshow results in a file size one-fifth the size of a video the same length. This is ideal for reaching new users no matter the device, connection, and location.



Last year, Coca-Cola ran a brief campaign in Kenya and Nigeria using Slideshows to raise awareness for its Coke Studio Africa Project. Their goal? Reach consumers with slower connection speeds and older technology. Their Slideshow Ad reached 2 million consumers.

The Cost-Effective Alternative

Stance, a high-fashion sock company, used Facebook Slideshow to grab the attention of potential consumers. Instead of spending resources on new photos, they took existing still images from their online product catalog and created slideshow ads. The strategy proved to be a success, as the company increased their CTR by 2.4x, lowered their CPA by 48%, and saw a 1.4x boost in return on ad spend.

Keys to Success

Ready to show off your slideshow ad? There are a few things you want to remember while you’re creating a slideshow:

Use High-Quality Images

Photos of your products, services, curated content, and behind-the-scenes looks can determine how much your ad stands out on news feeds.

Monitor Your Conversions

It’s important that you track what actions consumers take after clicking your ads, whether it’s purchasing a product, visiting your website or signing up for an email list. Monitoring this can help you optimize your campaigns to reach your goals.


Now’s the time to strategize with video-like content within your social media campaigns. For businesses with limited resources, tools like Facebook Slideshows have shown that you don’t have to be an expert to create engaging and exciting content.

Have you used Slideshow in your Facebook Ads? Did you see a difference in performance compared to a still image ad?

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