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Working with the media takes patience, know-how, and a true understanding of deadlines and timing. So whether you’re new to marketing and PR or a seasoned professional, keep these tips in mind the next time you’re pitching your client to local TV news.

  1. Know your news outlet. Watch the program and understand what the local TV show covers. Are they interested in health, finance, or lifestyle segments? Do they have a kitchen set for cooking segments? 
  2. TV is a visual medium. You must think about the visual aspect of your story or segment before pitching. Sending visuals along with your pitch can increase your chances of landing a segment for your business.
  3. Watch for hot topics and what’s going on locally and nationally. Pitch your client as an expert. For example, if you have a medical professional who can talk about the latest virus going around, send an email pitch to secure a TV segment.
  4. Timing is everything. Do not send your pitch during the actual news broadcast or right before, everyone is busy leading into and during the show. The best time to send your pitch is about an hour after the broadcast. This will be the time producers and reporters are preparing and getting ready for the next broadcast or their next story.

Having your business featured in the media can be extremely difficult without knowing the right people to contact or how to send that perfect pitch. Learn how Social Ape Marketing can help grow your business with our expert PR marketing team. 

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