Event Sponsorships

As more people venture out to events, it’s important to take advantage of these opportunities to reach large groups of people who fit the target demographic of your business.

With our Event Sponsorships option, you can increase awareness of your brand all while providing an interactive, real-time experience for potential customers.

What’s Included

As an events sponsorship client, you can expect:

Event Research

We’ll research upcoming events that will host audiences that align with your target audience. We’ll research the size of the attendance, other vendors attending, and the demographic information of the audience.

Sponsorship Research

Once you have approved the events you would like to participate in or sponsor, we’ll reach out to the event coordinators for the necessary information regarding the event sponsorships including sponsorship options, benefits, and pricing.

Sponsorship Execution

Once approved, we’ll coordinate with the event sponsorship team to confirm details such as payment, setup details, and more.

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