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Creating a Facebook Ad is intimidating enough for those who aren’t familiar with the regulations so I’ve listed a few simple tips to help you create a Facebook Ad that will instantly drive traffic to your page and website, which should result in new Likes and click-throughs.

  1. Photo: Choose a photo that is simple and conveys a message without even using text. Facebook users have so much to look at when browsing their newsfeed so keeping it simple here is key. Make sure your photo is a clear and captivating image that will catch the attention of the audience you are trying to reach.
  2. 20% text: Any photos that you upload to use in an ad MUST have no more than 20% text within the photo. No exceptions. Your ad will certainly be rejected if there is even 21% text included in the photo or graphic. The only exception; however, is any text that is on a product within the photo. A good point of reference that further explains the 20% text rule can be found here.
  3. Ad Copy: When choosing the caption for your photo, keep it within a couple short paragraphs or sentences if possible and use a call-to-action in the last line of your ad copy. A call-to-action could be asking people to buy tickets for an event, visit your website, LIKE your page, enter in a contest, etc. The more descriptive you are in your call-to-action, the better. Also, make sure that enough info is included in your copy that your audience understands what you’re advertising without having to do anything. They should be able to understand the message instantly, not to mention be interested enough that they will click through the Ad.
  4. Include a link: If you do need to include a link to direct people to your website, try using a link-tracking service like Bitly that not only will shorten your link so that it doesn’t take up too much room of your ad but also tracks the number of click-throughs to your site. This will give you a good idea of how effective your ad is as well as give you a small piece of analytic info for your website.
  5. Targeting: I could write an entire blog post on Facebook Ad Targeting but I’ll keep it simple here. Know the demographic that you are trying to reach with your Facebook ad before you place it. Is your target audience young, old, female, male? Do they live in Charlotte or is your site friendly to all locations? Does your target audience Like other certain Facebook pages that are directly correlated to your Facebook page? What topics or interests does your target audience have? Take advantage of these targeting options when creating your Facebook Ad to see what works for you.

Below is a recent example of a Facebook Ad I created for a client that has been doing very well in click-throughs and new Likes.

Facebook Ad photo

Facebook Ad photo

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