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Basic Photoshop Tools

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Creating images is a huge part of content creation. Whether they be photos or graphics, images help tell a story for brands using social media, PR, email marketing, blog posts, and more.

Photoshop is one of the most used photo-editing software that can be used for most image creation needs, but it can also be a very intimidating program unless you understand some of the basics. Read below to learn the basics of the Photoshop toolbar and its functions. These tools will help you to create your next masterpiece.

Move Tool

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The move tool simply lets you move objects in a given layer around the Photoshop canvas. To use it, click anywhere on the canvas and drag. As you drag, the Photoshop layer will move with your mouse.

Quick Selection Tool


There are two ways to use the Quick Selection Tool. One is to simply click on different areas of the image just like you would with the Magic Wand. The most common way is to click and drag over the area you need to select as if you were painting with a brush. As you drag, Photoshop does its best to figure out the object that you're trying to select, often with precise results. To remove an area from a selection temporarily, select the "Subtract from selection" option in the Options Bar. You’ll need to remember to switch it back to the "Add to selection" mode when you're done or you’ll lose the tracing that was completed.

Crop Tool


The crop tool is used to (you guessed it!) crop your pictures. You can specify the exact size and constrain the crop tool to those proportions, or you can just crop to any size.

Paintbrush and Pencil

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The paintbrush is a tool that mimics a paintbrush and the pencil is a tool that mimics a pencil, naturally. The paintbrush; however, can be set to many different kinds of brushes. You can paint with a standard paintbrush and airbrush styles, or even paint with leaves and other shapes as well.

Eraser Tool


The erase tool is almost identical to the paintbrush, except it erases instead of paints.

Type Tool


The type tool will allow you to type horizontally. Tools hidden beneath the horizontal type tool will let you type vertically and also create horizontal and vertical text masks.

Try these basic Photoshop tools to get started creating your marketing images.

3 Content Discovery Platforms For Better Social Media Content

The ability to discover and share relevant content is becoming an important, everyday task for building your presence on social media. It's a great way to establish yourself as an authority and trusted resource, especially as a "go-to" destination for the best content in your field. 

Effective curating gives you consistency in your content, but also a time-consuming effort. Here are 3 content discovery platforms that can save you time and strengthen your social media strategy:


Feedly lets you gather, organize and personalize relevant content that matters to you. Think of it as your web monitor for alerts on keywords and topics that interest you. Within the dashboard, you can easily create an online collection of your favorite blogs, channels (YouTube) and people to refer back to and share across your social media platforms. Another cool feature is the ability to customize the appearance of themes, colors and organization of your dashboard.


Almighty.Press is a platform used to identify, curate, and schedule trending content. The tool connects you with a real-time news feed that you can filter with keywords and web domains. It also features "Almighty Force," a custom algorithm designed to gauge the virality of content and track trending content before it becomes saturated. Sorting options are also available to arrange content by date, engagement count and comments. If you want to be the first to share a great article, consider Almighty.Press.


DrumUp is an excellent curation tool that discovers and recommends content that is most relevant to your audience. With DrumUp, expect only the freshest content, in real-time. Add keywords, blogs, and websites and store their articles to your content library. What sets this platform apart from the other two mentioned is the ability to add multiple social media accounts to your dashboard. This makes it easier to manage and publish content across your social media channels, saving you precious time for other tasks. 

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We're Hiring a Fall Intern!

SODA (2)
SODA (2)

Social Ape Marketing is a forward-thinking marketing company that produces creative digital content for clients on a daily basis. We seek to hire a talented intern who has the desire to learn and work in a high paced, fun environment. Our ideal candidate is enthusiastic, passionate about social media and public relations, and dedicated to growing the Social Ape.

The internship will begin in September.


- Research the latest trends in social media

- Create fun and unique content for our clients

- Attend marketing events and client events with the Social Ape Marketing team

- Administrative duties

- Create fliers, graphics and visual content

- Work with the Social Ape team to plan and execute social media and public relations campaigns

- Create event invites as well as plan special events

- Write Social Ape blog posts to be posted on the Social Ape website


- Proficient with all major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.)

- 15 hours per week in the office

- An outgoing personality with the ability to meet clients as well as reach out to media

- Ability to think outside the box and have a creative mindset

- Basic photo editing and graphic design skills

- Experience with Microsoft Office and Google products

- Flexible schedule with ability to work nights and weekends on occasion

- Outgoing and positive attitude


Communications, Marketing, Writing, Public Relations

To Apply:

Please email your resume to April Smith at with “Social Ape Fall Internship” in the subject line.

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Content Creation For Your Brand


Content creation can be a frustrating and time consuming task, whether it's for marketing a business, brand, or a personal venture. But for a social media presence, content is still king. Companies are prioritizing the quality of the content being advertised as opposed to the quantity of the content distributed.

No matter the industry or marketing strategy, relevant, interesting, and engaging content is key to reaching the most unique viewership. Be prepared to do research on trending social media news through other news sites and blogs to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing social media world. Use these ideas to create content that ties in with your unique audience and strategy.

For the less experienced content creators, or those that need steering in the right direction, there are many tools and tips to help ease the stress that comes with generating content for your business or brand. Utilize these tools and be on your way to constructing your content more quickly and efficiently.

1. Explore Trending Social Media Topics

Many notable online news sites now have 'Social Media/Technology' sections within their website, where viewers can find relevant and noteworthy social media news around the world. It's important that you know your audience and what interests them. Your content should always cater to your market. Websites like Mashable, a leading global media company, informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation and make it easier for content creators to find ideas on topics that may interest and engage their audience. If you're looking for a specific topic fast, Twitter is another great tool for finding trending social media news. Twitter gives you the ability to prioritize searches using hashtags, so that users can engage in the conversations that are most popular.


2. Content Creation

When you've found that perfect topic to expand on for your audience, their are many content creation tools to help aid you with the task and help you stay organized.

  • Canva - Makes designs simple for everyone. Easily create designs for your brand using over a million images (many which are free) catered to your liking. Add texts, graphics and photos to express what you're all about.
  • Unsplash - Search through their vast photo feed on their website to create beautiful designs for FREE! All you have to do is subscribe to Unsplash and from there, enjoy 10 copy-write free photos every 10 days.
  • WordSwag- Inspire your audience with perfect images to add your favorite quotes. Construct custom text layouts with a click of a button!

Remember that visuals (images, videos, memes) remain a vital part of any published content. According to MGD Advertising, articles containing relevant images have 94% more total views than articles without images, on average.


3. Market Your Content

As you prepare to publish the goods, organizing when and where you market the content can be a factor in who sees it. These tools will help you coordinate where your content gets posted and in turn, create more viewership.

  • Hootsuite- Lets you manage your social networks from one platform. Publishing and monitoring content never looked so easy. It also has the ability to engage with your audience across all platforms on different streams to build relationships and brand awareness.
  • Sprout Social - Another platform to publish and monitor content but contrary to Hootsuite, Sprout Social uses one stream for engagement with users as it collaborates data collected into one simple program.

We hope these tips and tools are a helpful start to your content creation journey. Just remember, whether it's a business you work for or a self-branding campaign, the content should reflect everything you and your audience is about. Also, you can never have enough visuals, because if you're like me, ain't nobody got time to read all that!

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