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5 Tips For Recording Video From Your Smartphone


Today, the smartphone right in your pocket can be incredibly helpful when it comes to capturing any moment in action. With a little practice and these tips, you can start recording quick, engaging videos for social media, all from your phone. 

Landscape or Portrait?

When choosing how you'll be filming, you first need to consider where you plan to post the video. If you're posting videos to Snapchat or Instagram 'Stories,' you'll want to record in portrait orientation. This is also common practice when recording yourself and posting on Facebook and Instagram as this format also looks best on mobile (where the majority of people are watching video).


It's All About The Lighting

Without good lighting, especially on a smartphone, the quality of your video will suffer. With that said, the best source of lighting is your friend, mother nature. But if you're indoors, try to have as many light sources as possible. PRO TIP: Set up your camera so that light comes from behind it to avoid overexposure and lens flare.

Nice and Steady

Keeping your smartphone camera steady is crucial for the best quality video. If you prefer stationary shots, consider using a tripod for the ultimate steady and clear photo. Don't have a tripod? Improvise! Try to find something to support your smartphone on, such as a railing or table. If you're all about mobility and taking quick shots when the moment is right, release the shutter only when your hands are steady. 


Crop (Don't Zoom)

Our smartphone cameras are equipped with some awesome features at our disposal, but the zoom function is one we shouldn't use. Why? Unfortunately, our phones don't have fancy lenses. Instead, smartphone cameras use a digital zoom that essentially guesses the details of the image and reducing the quality dramatically. Instead of zooming in, move the camera closer, or just crop your enlarged photo later. 

Keep it Short

SQUIRRELL! Whether it's due to a short attention span or not, video needs to get to its point quicker than ever. Studies reveal that videos have just 10 seconds to grab an audience without a dropoff in engagement. Twitter videos are capped at 30 seconds, Instagram at 60-second maximum and Snapchat videos are capped at 10 seconds. So do your best to keep them short, sweet, and to the point.

How to Create a Snapchat Ad


Have you ever watched a friend’s Snapchat story that is then immediately followed by an ad that actually looks as if you’re watching another individual’s Snapchat story?  Larger brands have already been using the Snapchat platform to advertise and now local businesses have the option as well (although, it is pricey!). Register your business for the Snapchat Ads Manager and follow these steps to create your first Snapchat ad:
1. Create an Audience

Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat now offers ways to target individuals based on device, demographics, and geography. When creating your audience, try to keep in mind that most people using Snapchat are teenagers and young adults, so if your audience falls outside of these parameters, it might be wise to consider advertising on a different social media platform.


2. Set Your Budget and Goals

Select your ad budget for the particular ad as well as the goal. This can either be “swipe-ups” or “installs”. As of now, the minimum budget for a Snapchat ad is $100 per day, which is much higher than daily ad minimums on other platforms. (Facebook and Instagram currently only require $1 per day per ad.) We’re hoping that Snapchat will lower the daily ad minimum once brands with larger budgets become more familiar with the platform. We saw this happen with Instagram and Twitter years ago.
3. Schedule

Select a duration for how long you want this specific ad to run. One week? One month? A year?
4. Select an ad type and upload your content

There are four types of ads: App Install, Long Form Video, Top Snap Only and Web View.

The App Install ad will send people directly to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the selected app. The Long Form Video ad is similar to a video trailer and these videos can be up to 10 minutes long. The Top Snap Only ad option is a 3-10 second video ad with no call to action.
 A Web View ad will send people to a website to purchase a product, make an appointment or read an article.  


Ready to get started with Snapchat ads? Reach out to us to begin creating these type of ads for your brand!

A Guide to Measuring Success on Snapchat

The mountains are yearning.
The mountains are yearning.

The Snapchat platform is proving to be more than just a selfie party between friends, but a viable tool for brands to tap into the 100 million daily users through storytelling.

There used to be a time when a larger follower count meant everything: More reach, more popularity, and more opportunity to create a buzz about your product. With platforms like Facebook and Instagram implementing new algorithms that depreciate the value of followers, it's more important now (for Snapchat especially,) to analyze different metrics to define success on your social media channels.

Total Unique Views

Snapchat measures unique views every 24 hours by the number of people who have opened the first Snap of your story. Users do not have to complete the story for the metric to count towards the total viewership.

Since this is the only analytic tool Snapchat provides, it's also the first step for marketers to recognize if their content is being consumed. To view this, click the 3 dots on the right side of the story post.


Every Snap of your story has an indicator (purple eye) to see how many people have actually viewed the video.

Completion Rate

On Snapchat, many users are consuming content in one sitting, even if marketers are sharing it throughout the day. It's easy to get that initial view of your content, but to keep users engaged from beginning to end is more of a task. To measure who is completing your stories, review the initial views of your first Snap of the story and compare them to number of views from the ending Snap. For a more defined completion percentage, divide the total views in the last snap by the total views in the first.



Users who screenshot Snaps from your story is a good indication that they are engaged and enjoy what you are putting out. Analyze your story to see what type of Snaps gain the most screenshots. The  icon represents any detected screenshot by users on any Snap. You can also go back and see who screenshots Snaps to familiarize yourself with names that could be loyal fans of your brand.

A great way to increase engagements by consumers is to create content that users have to screenshot to interact with it. An example is Taco Bell's Snapchat campaign: Simply screenshot the black and white Snap, fill it with color, and send them your finished product through the chat option for a chance to win a prize.

Untitled design (54)
Untitled design (54)

Reply to a Story

Marketers want to know what type of content is most consumed by users on Snapchat. While someone is watching your story, they can swipe up and send a quick chat. This way, you can see the message and which photo they're talking about. Reply back or add them as a friend to increase awareness about your brand in hopes of making them a loyal fan.



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3 Ways Brands are Using Snapchat

5 ways your (3)
5 ways your (3)

Snapchat has been on a roll lately, implementing changes that makes the social platform more than just a place to throw away pictures.

With over 100 million people using Snapchat daily, businesses are tapping into the app to communicate and influence current and potential customers.

Snaps — photos or 10-second videos — are all about storytelling. Use Snapchat in a way that will grab the attention of a quickly growing audience. Here are some ways brands are using Snapchat to share their story and influence consumer action:

Snap Ads

Today, Snapchat is as hot as it gets. Having reached 10 billion video views a day, the platform is looking to cash in on its popularity. Snapchat offers the best in mobile video ads with options to add interactive elements.

Snap Ads begin with an up to 10-second, fullscreen video ad that appears within users stories, where before were only seen in the Discover and Live Stories section. You can also add a feature for users to swipe up to reveal additional content like longer videos, articles and website information.

In collaboration with Snapchat, Spotify added Snap Ads to their "NYE live" story to promote "Party" playlists:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.07.02 PM
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.07.02 PM


Sponsored Geofilters

Be seen and interact with Snapchatters everywhere using Sponsored Geofilters. When users snap in a location specified, they are able to use a brands custom geofilter to show where, when, and why they took the snap.

Whether it's at a wedding or company event, geofilters spread brand awareness and make it fun for users. Before submitting your design, ensure you are meeting their guidelines (no URLs, hashtags, and social media handles). Be creative and fun so Snapchatters will share your filter with their friends.



Offers and Giveaways

Since a huge majority of Snapchat users fit the millennial market, businesses are running contests and discounts offers to encourage them to purchase a product. A great way to promote flash offers is by posting the deal to your Story.

For instance, food delivery service GrubHub sent out a snap asking users to snap back a photo of a food doodle. From there, 10 random users who responded within the next day were chosen to receive a prize. GrubHub also Snapchatted a series of scavenger-hunt challenges to win $50 in food orders and a shoutout across their social media platforms.



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