Facebook Timeline

How to Customize Your Facebook Page With New Features

The latest Facebook design update is changing the way people view your page. While the changes from the previous version are somewhat minimal in style, the biggest difference is the order of your Facebook page's timeline. Here are a few ways you can adjust your page for easier navigation.

Customize Your Page's Timeline

You'll notice that sections (like Videos and Locations) which were previously on the right side column of your page are now directly in your page's Timeline, after the box where people can leave a comment. To change the order of your page's timeline, click the Manage Tabs link on the left sidebar. 

This page now includes updated features like the Edit Page section.

Here you will also be able to reorder your tabs so it aligns with how you want your timeline to look. 

After you reorder the tabs the way you want them, your Facebook timeline should match it.

Page Templates

The new update also added customizable templates in the Edit Page settings. Click the Edit button next to your current template and scroll through options that match your business the best. 


Each template has different options to help you choose which options and call-to-action buttons you want applied to your page. 

Before you apply the new template, you will be warned that it will replace your current layout. Make sure to review what each template has to offer your business page for the most effective navigation and style for your fans! 

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