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Facebook releases new features for content creators who use the live feature on the platform, including featured links in live-stream broadcasts, new ways for creators to interact with fan comments, guest chats in posts, new follow recommendations and more. Facebook strategically released these new features right in time for the holidays, which will help live creators maximize their live streams.

Featured Links

The most exciting new feature is the ‘Featured Links’ which will enable live-streamers to share multiple third-party website links within their broadcasts. Live stream shopping is on the rise, so Facebook now gives creators the option to include direct links to websites for products they might be endorsing.

New Ways to Interact with Fans

Facebook has made live-stream polls mobile-friendly. Now, you are able to host a poll within the comments on your live stream! Keeping the engagement positive and interactive is a great way to buy screen time for your posts, so check out this new feature when looking to boost interaction with your followers.

Invite New Guests

Now you are able to invite up to 3 people to join you for your live stream. This could be an invitation to other creators, friends or fans, allowing more opportunities to interact and promote your live stream session. The addition of the comment ranking features helps creators find and engage with the most relevant conversations.

New Follow Recommendations

Facebook is also looking to highlight live creators through new units in the News Feed that will recommend public figures and creators to follow, based on user interests, while it’s also testing ways to increase the variety of content highlighted to users, with a specific focus on boosting emerging creators, according to Facebook.

Facebook has made it so easy for content creators to maximize their time on live streams with the addition of ‘Featured Links’, new ways to interact with fans, inviting guests to co-host and new follow recommendations. If you are looking for a new way to promote, utilize these new additions to the live stream and you will see an increase in post engagement!

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