Hydrate Medical Social Media Ads

Case Study

The Client: Hydrate Medical is one of Charlotte’s leaders in IV hydration, having opened its doors in 2014. Over the years, Hydrate Medical has treated thousands of patients across North and South Carolina with seven different locations. With multiple different types of IV drips, Hydrate Medical is able to help its clients with a variety of different products. 

The Campaign: Social Ape Marketing used social media ads to increase brand awareness and increase traffic to Hydrate Medical’s website. Using demographic tools such as interest, location, and life events, we targeted a specific audience to drive them to purchasing IV drips. Over the three-month span, Hydrate Medical saw a large return on investment with both new and existing customers booking IV drips through our social media ads. 

The Impact: 


Amount Spent – $48,835.47

Reach – 1,041,469

Impressions – 5,337,888

Link Clicks – 18,883

Appointments Scheduled – 2,891

Estimated Revenue – $346,920

Average ROI – 610.39%