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This year has been huge for TikTok and during the pandemic, people dramatically increased their time on TikTok. It has now surpassed YouTube as the most used application, according to Kandar. People are falling asleep and waking up to this platform every day, so including TikTok in your marketing plan is essential to connecting with new clientele. As a business owner, you have so many options on TikTok to reach new clients by creating videos that contain your products or services, working with influencers and participating in hashtag challenges. Staying on top with TikTok trends will benefit your brand awareness and help build a connection with the public.

Creating TikTok Videos

When creating content for your TikTok video, keep in mind the more signals that your video sends to the TikTok algorithm, the more your content reaches other people. The goal is to go viral on the ‘For You’ page, where a bunch of people who don’t know or follow you can see your content. With only 15 seconds per video or 60 seconds long if you link the clips, you want to catch a viewer’s eye where they watch the video over and over, the more times they replay your video is referred to as a loop. The more loops your content has, there is a better chance you will land on the ‘For You’ page. You can track this information using TikTok Analytics. Besides loops, you want to create a video that people are watching all the way through, sharing, commenting and liking. Using the trending sounds and a ‘reveal’ technique will get the best interaction.

Working with Influencers

When you are a small business and working on growing your business and following, utilizing influencers is so important! You will have access to their followers, their followers’ trust and ‘social proof’ that the product or service you offer is authentic and works. When an influencer recommends your product or service, their audience will ask questions about your product, check out your social profile and visit your website. People are more inclined to try something when someone they admire is using the service or product too. Influencers are often categorized by audience size. Micro-influencers fall between 1,000 and 100,000 followers where you might be able to work out a partnership for commission. Anyone with a following in excess of 100,000 is a macro-influencer and you would most likely pay them upfront based on a certain amount of posts or shares.

Hashtag Challenges

Generation Z, the largest demographic on TikTok, loves a good challenge. Joining the trending hashtag challenges or creating your own business challenge is a fun way to earn loops and shares. Challenges are made of sounds, choreography and text. Staying on top of trending sounds is easy on TikTok and you can even create your own sound to be mimicked! Checking in on the app to see what is trending locally or globally and using your marketing skills to make a connection to your business is a great way to create relative content.

TikTok is ruling the world and as a business, you want to make sure you are connecting on social media platforms, but most definitely the most popular app. By creating a business product or service video, using influencers or participating in the trending TikTok challenge of the week, you will boost your engagement and potentially bring in a ton of new clientele for your business!

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