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With the holidays approaching us this week, we’re entering the most exciting time of the year. Closing out the year with a successful holiday campaign can make a huge difference in your successes! Here are three tricks you can use to master your holiday marketing: make sure your mobile website is user-friendly, include a holiday-themed promotion and boost all engagement on social media outlets.

By using these tips, you’ll be encouraging positive outcomes for your business this holiday season.

Making Your Mobile Website User-Friendly

With over 230 million smartphone owners in the United States and more than half of all internet traffic shopping taking place on mobile devices, according to OuterBox E-commerce, it’s critical to make sure your mobile website is user-friendly. This means that your mobile site is easy to navigate, aesthetically clean and the check-out or scheduling process is simple for your users. With the holidays booming in December, you can benefit from using holiday-colored ads and puns. Keeping your mobile site effortless is very important, as people tend to be ordering gifts for others and want that experience to be as easy and fast as possible.

Including a Holiday-Themed Promotion this Season

People look forward to this time of the year because they know this is the time to save! Take part in the holiday fun and use promotions like Black Friday Lightning Deals, Cyber Monday Steals, 12 Days of Christmas, 8 Days of Giving for Hannukah, 7 Days of Sharing for Kwanzaa or New Gifts For New Year. By doing this, you’re contributing to an inclusive holiday marketing campaign that can help drive sales and raise brand awareness.

Boost Social Media Content

If you’re already boosting your content or have yet to utilize this tool, this is the time to invest the extra marketing dollars. You gain access to reach new audiences that can often be hard to find using only organic means. Instagram for example, will post to your existing reach of followers, a recommended audience or a targeted audience. By promoting your business to new users, you will increase your chances of gaining new clients before the year ends.

The holidays are the most favored time of the year for buyers and now your business too because this season, you’ll be expanding your brand and reaching new sales from investing in your holiday marketing. Remember to make sure your mobile site is functional, promote inclusivity and boost posts on Instagram and Facebook. Happy holidays.

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