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How to Create a Snapchat Ad


Have you ever watched a friend’s Snapchat story that is then immediately followed by an ad that actually looks as if you’re watching another individual’s Snapchat story?  Larger brands have already been using the Snapchat platform to advertise and now local businesses have the option as well (although, it is pricey!). Register your business for the Snapchat Ads Manager and follow these steps to create your first Snapchat ad:
1. Create an Audience

Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat now offers ways to target individuals based on device, demographics, and geography. When creating your audience, try to keep in mind that most people using Snapchat are teenagers and young adults, so if your audience falls outside of these parameters, it might be wise to consider advertising on a different social media platform.


2. Set Your Budget and Goals

Select your ad budget for the particular ad as well as the goal. This can either be “swipe-ups” or “installs”. As of now, the minimum budget for a Snapchat ad is $100 per day, which is much higher than daily ad minimums on other platforms. (Facebook and Instagram currently only require $1 per day per ad.) We’re hoping that Snapchat will lower the daily ad minimum once brands with larger budgets become more familiar with the platform. We saw this happen with Instagram and Twitter years ago.
3. Schedule

Select a duration for how long you want this specific ad to run. One week? One month? A year?
4. Select an ad type and upload your content

There are four types of ads: App Install, Long Form Video, Top Snap Only and Web View.

The App Install ad will send people directly to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the selected app. The Long Form Video ad is similar to a video trailer and these videos can be up to 10 minutes long. The Top Snap Only ad option is a 3-10 second video ad with no call to action.
 A Web View ad will send people to a website to purchase a product, make an appointment or read an article.  


Ready to get started with Snapchat ads? Reach out to us to begin creating these type of ads for your brand!

A Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences in 2016


What better way to learn new ideas paving the way through the digital marketing industry, than with a community of like-minded marketers looking to strengthen their business.

Conferences are a great opportunity to gather around some of the most innovative digital marketers from top companies and hear their business stories and marketing strategies.

Here is a short list of digital marketing conferences you should attend in 2016.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit Connect with digital marketing gurus at the New York Conference March 10-11. The discussion will be led by executives presenting their innovative digital marketing strategies and will include panels, in-depth discussions, and networking opportunities. You are also able to watch these discussions on demand after the conference.

DigiMarketing Exec Summary 2016
DigiMarketing Exec Summary 2016

LeadsCon LeadsCon Las Vegas 2016 brings leading business marketers and innovators under one roof, with three days of content-packed information for your marketing strategies. Starting March 15, the conference will discuss topics like content marketing, buyer & seller relationships and search engine optimization (SEO). The schedule also includes many opportunities to network, connect and exchange ideas with other digital marketers.

Adobe Digital Marketing Summit Create amazing experiences for your customers at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in Las Vegas, March 20-24. Gain deep insight that includes over 150 hands-on labs and learn how Adobe solutions can help your company in all areas of digital marketing. Everyday at Summit you'll get the chance to meet your peers, network with companies, and make lasting connections.


Social Media Marketing World Want to be a part of the largest social media marketing conference? Then consider attending Social Media Examiner's 'Social Media Marketing World' with 3,000 of your peers. The event takes place in San Diego, CA from April 17-19 and will include a array of 100+ expert led workshops and discussions. Hear from top brands, including Google, BMW, IBM and HP and connect with marketers at opening night party.


The countless workshops, information sessions, and insight from top brand executives at conferences like these can really turn the marketing of your business around. Plan for 2017 now and I'll see you at the penny slots!

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