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Marketing trends come and go, constantly evolving as brands strive to better the latest technologies and respond to shifts in the marketplace. It’s not just about making a splash or creating attention-grabbing content anymore. After making an audience aware of their existence, businesses must then connect with them in meaningful ways, build a reputation as a trusted source, and nurture those relationships. 

As we start to wrap up 2022, there are several marketing trends that had an impact on marketing and public relations this year. 15 members of the Forbes Agency Council shared the top trends they anticipate for next year. See the top three that we believe may have the most impact going into 2023:

  1. More Long-Term Influencer-Brand Relationships: We’re likely to see an increase in long-term influencer-brand relationships, with creators taking on various brand ambassador roles and an overall shift toward always-on programming, as opposed to one-time deals. Brands will have the opportunity to build more authentic connections with their audiences through longer-running programs that leverage influencer expertise and credibility over time.
  2. The Continued Rise Of Influencer Marketing: Influencers work to build trust with their audience over a long period of time. Their audience knows that when their favorite influencer shares details of a service or product, it’s legitimate.
  3. Businesses Pivot To Online/Digital: There is a need to adapt and move businesses to the online marketplace. We already saw the pivot that had to happen during the pandemic to online/digital, and that trend is only going to get bigger.

To read the entire list of Forbes’s top trends that will impact marketing, click here. If you would be interested in learning how Social Ape Marketing can help grow your influencer partnership or ramp up your digital marketing strategy, contact us today.

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