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Our Newsletter-2

Our Newsletter-2

You’ve set up social media accounts for your business, but now you’re sitting at your computer drawing a blank like ‘What do I post?’ Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. That’s why I have dedicated this blog to giving you inspiration for social media content. So here are 50 content ideas for you to implement into your social media marketing strategy:

1. Get visual. Post a picture of your workspace or a behind-the-scenes photo while at work.

2. Ask your audience a relevant question. A great way to get to know your audience is by engaging with them and finding out more about them.

3. Introduce your employees to your audience. Post a picture of them on Instagram and introduce them to your audience. You could also let them host your business Instagram account for a day.

4. Share something funny. Everyone loves to laugh!

5. Share someone else’s content. Go a step further and add a comment or praise.

6. Share a client/customer testimonial.

7. Publicly answer a question that pertains to your industry.

8. Share something about a community event that you’re looking forward to.

9. Share something about your community that people would find interesting.

10. Post a company milestone, birthday or anniversary.

11. Ask your audience to join your mailing list.

12. Ask a multiple choice question, make a short quiz, or create a poll!

13. Show your expertise in your industry by sharing a helpful tip.

14. Share something inspirational.

15. Get inspired on Pinterest. Pinterest is very inspiring.

16. Highlight a customer or employee of the month! People love to feel loved.

17. Give a shoutout to a local business for their hard work or recommend them for their services.

18. Share a YouTube video or create your own instead.

19. Share a relevant infographic. Even better: Make an infographic. Infographics are one of the most shared pieces of content on social media.

20. Make a fill-in-the-blank post for your audience to answer.

21. Share statistics or data of  your industry.

22. Recycle old content. A previous blog post, a #TBT (Throwback Thursday), or something that has worked well in the past.

23. Show off your product with a picture or video.

24. Ask your audience for input on something.

25. Post or create a Slideshare presentation !

26. Share a relevant case study, or make a case study of your own to share.

27. Recommend a helpful tool.

28. Share a work/life balance tip!

29. Post something seasonal/holiday related.

30. Share industry breaking news.

31. ‘Caption This’ posts are always fun and engaging!

32. Hold a debate… but be careful not to be offensive.

33. Recommend someone on LinkedIn.

34. Participate in a trending Twitter #topic!

35. Share a relevant Pinterest board from your company account and ask others to follow!

36. Share the URLs of your other social media networks and ask your audience to follow you there as well.

37. Share a day-in-the-life post. Show your audience that you’re a real person and relatable.

38. Promote a great sale in your community.

39. Host your own flash sale. Use Snapchat to offer a limited time coupon or discount code.

40. Share the latest company news! People like to stay informed.

41. Share a customer or fan photo.

42. Thank your customers for being loyal.

43. Share a picture of a recent industry event.

44. Do a weekly round-up of industry related news and articles.

45. Do a sneak peek of something coming up in your company or industry.

46. Start a conversation with an industry influencer.

47. Try to get a social media influencer to host one of your social media accounts for a day.

48. Support a cause or charity and ask others to, as well! Show your audience that you are a giving brand.

49. Share a screenshot of something relevant. Seeing is believing.

50. Promote an upcoming industry-related event.

Find these helpful? Comment your ideas and we will share them on Twitter!

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