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How to Improve Your Twitter Direct Response Campaign

how to improve (5)
how to improve (5)

We all know that Twitter has had its ups and downs and its usage has somewhat dwindled, but 500 million tweets are still being sent out daily. That number reiterates why businesses haven't given up on reaching their Twitter consumers.

In a recent study by Twitter, 9,000 direct response campaigns in the US were observed to identify key ways marketers can adjust their tweets for more response engagements and ROI (Return on Investment). Here are some important takeaways from the study, to improve your product's Twitter campaign.

1. Time is Running Out!

Stir up consumer reactions by tweeting words of urgency like hurry, quick, fast, running out, and limited time. Research shows that tweets including these words had both a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and a higher click-through rate (CTR). Notably, only 13% of the tweets in the study used these words.

Caution: Don't be a part of the 87% not using this urgency tactic! The sense of urgency is best applied with Twitter users because of its real-time display and immediacy of the content.

2. Use Percentages, not Dollars

The study found that tweets advertising discounts with a percentage performed 40% better in CPA, than tweets with dollar-based amounts. Although this is a common practice used in advertising, try it out with your tweets to see what works better with your demographic. In their example, they used a JBL tweet that included a dollar-amount and equated that number into a percentage form.


3. Tweet Lightly

Another tip from the study suggests that shorter tweets (in the 40-60 character range) are more effective in terms of lower CPA, compared to the longer (100-120 character range) posts. In other words, keep your tweets on the short side and the message clear, concise, valuable and engaging for the best opportunity for responses.


4. Get Them Clickin'

User engagement is such a huge factor in how your Twitter campaign is perceived and responded to.

  • Tweets that ask a question have a 16% higher clickthrough rate than ones that don't.
  • Be wary of your @mentioning. Tweets with other user mentions have a 6% lower clickthrough rate.
  • EASY with the CAPS! Tweets with 20% or more characters in caps saw a 9% lower clickthrough rate.
  • Hashtags aren't what they used to be. Tweets with one or more hashtags had a 3% lower clickthrough rate.
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Untitled design (32)

Effective tweets are those that get a high chance of getting retweeted/responses by your followers. Engage your audience with these tips and remember, it's all about what's relevant to consumers; size doesn't always matter. The Twitterverse is in your hands.

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