4 Writing Resources for Bloggers



Medium is a hub for writers. The platform was built to unite people sharing stories, viewpoints and original ideas all within a clean reading experience. You can customize your feed to showcase your favorite topics, writers, and publications. All the content that matters to you will be right at your fingertips on the Medium platform. Medium also serves as a content creation tool where users can publish their own stories. In addition, paid members receive access to exclusive content from their favorite publications such as Fast Company, The Guardian, New York Times, etc. 


Ghost is a seamless authoring experience. With Ghost, you’ll be able to assign multiples roles for authors, editors and administrators within your own publishing platform. The program allows you to invite your whole team to collaborate, with dedicated public user profiles for everyone. You can also build almost any type of category, section, format or flow using tags as well as schedule posts in advance. Ghost is also customizable, allowing you to add a logo and create navigation menus. Ghost can power blogs, magazine and journalists from Zappos to Sky News.


Draft is a great resource for writers who make multiple edits and changes throughout the writing process. With Draft, you can edit documents and any changes that you make will automatically sync to the cloud or the platform that you imported the content from, such as Evernote, Google Docs, and iCloud Notes. Draft documents can easily be published to Wordpress, Tumblr, Ghost, Svbtle, Blogger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Basecamp and even Mailchimp.


Writefull will help to make you a better writer by giving feedback and checking your text against databases of the correct language. The app or Chrome extension uses a large language database to search for the frequency of chunks of text from academic papers and reports, books and web pages. The screenshot above shows an example of when Writefull can help a writer choose the most appropriate phrase depending on the context of the particular sentence. Writefull can also define certain words or phrases from dictionary databases.

By adding these 4 resources to your writing repertoire, you’ll be able to produce higher quality content in less time and also reach readers who are interested in your writing.

5 Best Apps for Photography on Your Smartphone


Most think in order to create jaw-dropping visuals for social media content, you need a DSLR camera, professional lighting, backdrops, etc., but that isn’t the case. Now, all you need is a smartphone to take stunning photos. Apple, Samsung, LG and Google phones are now packing a 12-megapixel camera or above.  In order to create high-quality photos, just point and shoot, then edit your content using the apps below.
1. Polarr allows you to create your own filters instead of having to choose from the various filters already provided on social media platforms. You can also take advantage of the advanced editing tools within the app, such as color masking and batch export with filters. The cool thing about Polarr? You can also edit your photos using the desktop version, for either Mac or PC. 


 2. Over is a mobile app that can add text to any photo. In addition to its simple and unique design, the app has a wide variety of fonts and colors to choose from. Bonus? Over always saves your original photo, which can be helpful when testing out different versions of your image.


3. Facetune can be used to fix skin blemishes in photos. This app can even alter facial features like decreasing the size of your eyes or changing the face shape. Just a heads up… Facetune will make you a master in the selfie world but for a price of $3.99.


 4. Color Story is a mobile app that will give your image a distinct color or hue by making it either more vibrant or subdued. This app also allows you to stack filters for the perfect look or add filters to your Boomerangs. 


5. VSCO is a well-known photo editing app that uses awesome photo filters to create a distinct mood for your photography. You can also snap your photos through the app and use the advanced editing tools to change things like the exposure and depth of field. Additionally, you can find photography inspiration through VSCO’s Discover tab within the app where photos are selected by the VSCO team to be featured.



Using any of these apps will help you to create stunning, professional quality photos for social media content as well as your website and other marketing materials.