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Instagram Stories Insights: What Metrics You Need to Know


If you are using an Instagram business profile and want an easy way to track the data behind your Stories, a feature directly in the platform can help! Insights give users the ability to review analytics, optimize story posts, and increase your brand's visibility right in the platform! Find out how to take advantage of this valuable data below. 

View Insights from Your Instagram Stories

It's no secret that Instagram Stories have become an essential tool for brands to add authenticity to their content. With over 500 million people consuming Stories, it’s vital to know what's working and how your audience is reacting to those Stories.

First, tap the Insights icon on the top right of your Instagram business profile. Scroll down to the Stories section and you'll be able to see data for older stories or from ones that have not yet expired. Insights from your Stories will be available for up to 14 days after they're published. Next, we'll dive into each metric you can explore. 

Impressions & Reach

Impressions represent how many times your Story has been seen. Keep in mind that Instagram only counts your entire Story having received one impression even if you have multiple photos or videos added. Reach tells you how many unique users saw your Story on any given day. A good indicator that your Story is performing well is a high impressions-to-reach ratio.

Taps Forward & Taps Back

Taps Forward indicate the number of times someone taps to skip to the next piece of Stories content. This can represent that either your content (video) is too lengthy or the content isn't engaging. Taps Backward indicate the number of times your audience taps to go back to a piece of Stories content. This may be a reflection that your media was engaging enough for someone to view again or maybe they missed a CTA.


The Replies metric reflects the number of times your audience sends messages through the "Send Message" text box on your Story. These direct messages are associated with your Story and hang out in your direct message inbox, making it a great time to engage with users.

Next Story & Exits

Next Story indicates the number of times a user swipes to skip to the next account's Story, not to be confused with 'taps forward' which skips to the next piece of your content. Exits represent the number of times someone leaves the Stories section entirely to return to their feed. This means a user has decided not to make it all the way through your Story. 

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3 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business


Use Links in Stories to Increase Website Traffic

As marketers, links can provide value and context to a story that can benefit you and the viewer. Fortunately, Instagram allows users to embed links to a Stories collection (if you have a business profile with over 10,000 followers). 

If you're promoting products or services, Instagram Stories is a great place to share clickable links to capitalize on the engagement. You can send your followers to a specific landing page, product page, or even a blog post. Make sure to add a call-to-action letting people know to swipe up to drive more traffic to your website.


Use Polls in Instagram Stories

Instagram Story Polls lets you ask a question and see results from your friends and followers as they vote. The buttons "YES" and "NO" by default, can be customized to anything under 22 to create a fun way to engage with your followers. Maybe you're introducing a new summer line and want quick feedback. With Polls, you can collect insight into what your target audience wants in a product or service prior to launch. You can see your poll results by swiping up to open the viewer's list for that part of your story. And just like Stories, your poll will dissapear after 24 hours.


Share Live Videos on Instagram Stories

Before a recent update, live videos couldn't be replayed after you were done streaming, meaning followers had to be tuned in to your broadcast to catch it. Now, you can share the replay of your video one you've finished. 

The best part of a live video? They can be as long as they want so you can say even more to get your message across without having to explain it in 10-second clips. It's a great way to give your followers a first look at special events, promotions, or any other important information. Going live alerts your followers so that engagement and interaction are as high as possible. This is a great time to answer questions and comments about your brand, product, or services from users tuning in. 


Optimize Your Instagram Posts With Insights


If you are using the new Instagram business profile, reviewing analytics can help you optimize your posts to increase your brand's visibility on user's feeds. With this quick guide, you'll get a better understanding of Insights and the metrics behind it.

The Break Down


First, tap the Insights icon on the top right of your Instagram business profile. Here, you can find out what the new tools show you and the metrics that are important for any business.

Know When Your Followers Are Online

Want to know the best time to post content for the most engagement? Scroll down to the bottom of the Insights page, and tap See More in the Followers section. You can switch between views to show the most popular day and hours of the week that your audience is most active.



View the age and the gender of people who viewed your choice. You can separate these demographics by location (cities/countries) to find out where your audience is from.



Business profile users can break down how many users interacted with a post by day, by week, and by month. You can choose the chart to show you Impressions, Reach, Likes, Comments, etc.


Follower Activity

At the top of the Insights page, you can swipe left to see important characteristics about the activity your followers.

  • Total Impressions - This will show you the total number of times all of your posts have been seen within a certain time frame.
  • Reach - Based on the time frame you set, you can see the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.
  • Profile Views - Find out the number of times someone has viewed your profile.
  • Website Clicks - Your website is in your profile for a reason. Check to see how many people clicked your website link.

For users that are using Instagram business pages, Insights is an easy and extremely accessible way for people to view analytics and see how they can optimize their posting strategy.

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