Social Ape Is Hiring An Intern!

Join the Social Ape team as a Social Media Intern!

 Who you are

  • Passionate. When it comes to social media, your friends always come to you with questions about the latest social networks and features. You have been known to post food photos to Instagram or Facebook. (No judgment here!) You “check in” to businesses using Yelp, Foursquare or Facebook and have a basic knowledge of how most social networks operate.
  • Knowledgeable. You understand the importance of social media marketing for business. Even though social media marketing can be fun, it requires strategy, experience, and knowledge of the latest tools to succeed. You GET it.
  • Creative. Working in the online space often requires a quick-thinking and creative mindset that allows you to roll with the punches. Social media is very visual and possessing the ability to think outside the box and ahead of trends is key. *Having experience in graphic design is a super bonus!
  • You can spell. There’s not much else to say about that.
  • Accountable. Social Ape is growing at a rapid pace and we need an intern who we can count on. Someone who punctually shows up ready to work and make things happen.
  • People-Person. Being in this business requires folks who are social in nature. This role requires as much in-person social interaction as it does online engagement.
  • Willing to learn. This internship is designed to train someone who is dedicated to developing a future career in Marketing or Communications. Social Ape will provide you with hands-on training and education that will prepare you for a qualified position within these fields. In addition, we will also be learning from you as you bring a new and creative outlook to our team.


What you’ll learn

  • Managing social media accounts. With supervision you will learn how to create and post content as well as monitor accounts for activity and engagement.
  • Best social media marketing practices. You’ll learn the most effective strategies and tools that make our marketing efforts more efficient.
  • Customer service. There is a wrong way and a right way to solve customer service issues and crises. You’ll learn these in detail.
  • Event Promotions. You’ll learn the best ways to promote on-site client events
  • Time management. Time is money, after all.


 What you’ll need

  • Laptop. You will need your own computer to work from the office, coffee shops or remotely from home.
  • Transportation. Whether it’s a bicycle, bus or Beamer, we travel to client offices and coffee shops often so having a way to get there is vital.
  • Sense of humor. Although we work hard at Social Ape, there is plenty of fun to be had here and we believe that laughing makes us happier and more willing to produce results. (Bonus points for anyone who sends in a super funny joke that we’ve never heard along with their resume.)


How you’ll benefit

  • Connections. Although this is an unpaid internship, there is plenty to gain from the experience. Outside of learning and gaining hands-on experience, you will also be connected with many business owners and influencers in Charlotte. You will learn effective ways to network and connect with those who can be of benefit to you.
  • Freebies. Whether it’s lunches bought by Social Ape or swag from vendors and clients, we will be sure to show you our appreciation for your hard work.
  • Recommendation. Upon completion of a successful internship, we will provide a glowing recommendation for any potential future employers as well as connect you with business owners who are possibly hiring


When you’ll start

  • Soon! We’d like to get someone in as soon as possible as we are growing very quickly! This will be a 3-month internship and could possibly lead to part-time or full-time employment if the intern is the right fit for Social Ape.


How you’ll apply

  • Email us. Shoot us an email at april@socialapemarketing explaining your past and current work experience, the reason you want to work with Social Ape, and why you’d be a great candidate for the internship.

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