Seven Apps for Editing Photos on Your Phone


As a business owner, influencer or content creator, it can be hard to make your social media posts stand out in a constantly changing feed. The evolution of social media has led to the creation of hundreds of photo editing apps that allow users to make those final touches on the go. From finding the perfect filter to adding creative elements, below you’ll find our favorite tools for editing your photos in a jiffy.


VSCO is a photo editing app that also allows you to publish your photos in an online community. You can follow users to keep up with their posts or use the app to simply tweak your photos before posting elsewhere. VSCO is great for finding filter presets and making any needed lighting adjustments. Another bonus? Get inspiration from other users’ feeds if you’re running low on creative juices. Cost: Free in the App Store & Google Play


Although Canva can be used to add filters to your photos, the real stars of this tool are its design features. Canva has thousands of templates for Instagram Stories and static posts, Facebook banners, ads and much more. These curated design templates are completely customizable and are a great option when you’re in a time crunch. Use Canva on the computer or on your iPhone or Android. Cost: Free or $9.95/month for a Canva Pro subscription


Snapseed is a user-friendly editing app owned by Google. Similar to other apps on this list, Snapseed has presets that can be used on-the-go or allows you to make fine improvements through its advanced menu. Two of our favorite features are the perspective tool, which shifts the viewpoint of the photo and the lens blur tool that gives your photos a professional-looking feel. Cost: Free in the App Store & Google Play

A Color Story

People often think of their Instagram profiles as a collection of individual photos instead of a place that unifies under a common theme. Aside from basic photo editing tools, A Color Story allows users to plan out Instagram posts so you can view photos in a grid as if a user was visiting your profile. Consider this app your lifesaver if you struggle with planning out your feed as a cohesive whole. Cost: Free in the App Store & Google Play or $24.99/year for ACS+


Enlight (rightfully named we might add) allows users to adjust lighting issues on top of making basic edits to photos. Users can create multiple layers, similar to Photoshop. Although the learning curve is a little steep with this app, with patience and practice Enlight can help take your photos to the next level. The app offers advanced editing adjustments as well as easy preset options. Cost: Free in the App Store & Google Play


Sometimes our phones eat first. Foodie is an app dedicated to editing all of your decadent food snaps. The app operates a lot like Instagram. You can choose from roughly 30 presets or make individual tweaks. Presets are designed specifically with your favorite dishes and treats in mind. If taking food pictures is your thing, Foodie is a must-have. Cost: Free in the App Store & Google Play


In some situations, it’s impossible to snap photos from the perfect angle. SKRWT is a great tool for when your photo’s perspective doesn’t quite line up properly. The app allows users to skew the viewpoint of their photos from all directions, as well as crop and make other basic adjustments. The best part about SKRWT? It has an auto-fix button that adjusts your angles instantly. Cost: $1.99 in the App Store & Google Play

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