Five Podcasts for Creatives


Whether you’re looking for inspiration, to learn something new or simply want to have something to listen to while working, podcasts continue to be a great option for creatives. Check out five podcasts our team enjoys when it comes to learning about new tools and sparking ideas that enhance our work.

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast is a quick and easy listen for those looking for tips to help at work or in life. This podcast brings listeners back to the basics of the office, touching on topics like how to accept feedback or how to handle conflict in the workplace. These foundational tips lay the groundwork for our productivity and success after all!

Pitching PR

If you’re looking to grow your public relations skills, the Pitching PR podcast features a different guest each episode. Host Lesley Luce facilitates the conversation around specific topics as guests pull from their experience in the industry and provide insightful tips in the PR field.

*Bonus: The Social Ape Team is going to be featured on TWO of Pitching PR’s upcoming episodes. Stay tuned later this fall for more details!

Creative Pep Talk

For those in need of inspiration, the Creative Pep Talk podcast provides listeners with helpful tactics and marketing tips to assist in developing a creative plan all while providing a positive tone to each episode.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Looking to learn new tactics for your social media strategy? The Social Media Marketing Podcast helps businesses by providing tactics to stand out on social media, from ‘Facebook Ads 101’ to ‘How to Create a Quality Video.’

The Influencer Podcast

Whether you’re an influencer yourself or you’re looking to work with influencers, The Influencer Podcast, hosted by Julie Solomon, provides advice about how to navigate the rapidly-changing world of influencer marketing. This podcast helps subscribers learn how to market themselves and how to work with different brands. If you’re interested in influencer marketing at all, this is a must-listen!

Want to learn more about marketing than what’s offered during a podcast episode? Contact the Social Ape team to learn how we can help you with social media marketing, public relations and influencer marketing..