Top Tools to Use for Influencer Marketing


As more and more businesses or brands are using influencer marketing to reach their target audience, it’s important to use the right tools to make the process easier and more effective. Below you’ll find our favorite tools for everything from finding influencers to resesarching payment rates.


Hunter is a search tool that will help you to find the contact information of any particular person that you’re searching for. Some influencers may not always check or respond to their DM’s via social media so finding a direct email address is the most effective way to reach them. Conversely, if you’re an influencer in search of brands to collaborate with, you could use Hunter to find contact information of a particular employee at the brand.


Trello can be used in many ways, but for this example, the project management software is great for managing influencer campaigns by moving cards from one aspect of the process to the next such as outreach to negotiation and so on.


Izea is a great tool for finding and researching influencers for your next campaign. The software can even create and execute campaigns, curate influencer payments and provide performance reports as well.


Upfluence is another fully loaded software that handles the entire process of influencer marketing campaigns from research to team collaboration.


Famebit is also a influencer search tool but focuses on discovering YouTube influencers.


Pitchbox helps you create and optimize a data-driven strategy for your outreach campaigns. With useful insights into every aspect of your outreach process, you can refine your strategies to optimize performance. The tool provides answers to all questions about what’s working and what isn’t, which areas you can improve further, and so on.

Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor is one of many tools that calculates the engagement rate of any influencer account on social media. Working with an influencer with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers is great, but if they have a very low engagement rate or reach, then it may not be worth your time to partner with that influencer. Hype Auditor can also provide other information about influencer accounts including audience demographics and interests, brand collaborations and more.

Instagram Money Calculator

There are several tools online to help you calculate the payment to provide an influencer for one or several posts. The Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator is easy to use and will give you an estimated amount to pay for each post as well as the account’s engagement rate and average likes and comments.