Six Productivity Tools for Creatives


Do you hit an afternoon wall during your workday? The Social Ape team is here to help you stay on track when you hit that slump (and when there’s no caffeine in sight)! Check out these tools our team uses to aid in productivity for creatives. 


  • Todoist is essentially a to-do list housed on your browser. This helps keep your daily tasks organized by allowing you to select the level of priority, due date and even send email reminders about your task directly to your inbox. Never miss a deadline again!


  • Consider this your personal doodle pad on your computer. Evernote is the place to log notes and ideas and makes it simple to share notes with colleagues. When sharing notes via Evernote, your colleagues will be able to write in the same notepad, making it easy to share ideas and information in real-time.


  • The Grammarly extension for your browser is a lifesaver! Grammarly scans what you’re typing and points out grammatical and spelling errors as they’re typed. This can save you time when drafting emails, stories, press releases and more.


  • For those who need help with time management, the Clockify extension helps track the time spent on each of your tasks. Simply hit stop and start when you begin and finish a task to observe how long certain tasks take. Additionally, if you work in Google Drive, the Clockify logo pops up in documents, making it easy to start/stop your timer from a specific document.


  • Does having 10+ browser tabs open at a time make you anxious? OneTab is an extension that houses all of your tabs on a single tab, eliminating the pressure of seeing so many pages at once. 

A Soft Murmur

  • If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little noise, A Soft Murmur is a white noise site that allows you to mix sounds like Thunder and Coffee Shop to offer a little background noise to increase your focus while cranking out your work.