5 Evergreen Content Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Does your business need content that consistently drives traffic, shares and links to your site? Find out why evergreen content is one of the most useful and effective content marketing strategies to boost your SEO and website traffic.

1. Interview someone with authority in your niche

Ask a handful of questions to someone that is interesting or authoritative within your niche. The great thing is you don't have to write it yourself, the interviewee creates the content for you. Additionally, the interview doesn't have to be conducted face to face and can be done via Skype or email.

2. Secure guest posts

Invite well-respected bloggers to contribute to your site. This allows for guest writers to get in front of your audience, while you benefit from additional blog content. You could also consider partnering with newer or smaller blogs that could benefit from the exposure and invite them to guest post on your site!

3. Follow the top people on Twitter within your niche

Bring attention to influencers in your industry and other colleagues, friends or accounts you discover that are sharing valuable content. It's a great resource for your followers and it's an even better way to get people to notice you.

4. Create a resource

Create a post, infographic or video that people will find useful. For example, if your website is in the photography industry, why not create an Instagram Photography Cheat Sheet? These are resources that people will find useful while giving you a web asset that will always attract traffic.

5. Host a giveaway

Partner with a business to offer prizes for your readers through competitions or quizzes. As an online marketer, you’ll find that using giveaways as a marketing channel can be an effective way to generate leads and drive traffic to your website and social channels.