4 Key Elements of Event Marketing


Event marketing is becoming an increasingly popular component of PR campaigns. Live events enable in-person interaction and feedback between businesses and customers who, in turn, can try out potential products first hand and post about their experience in real-time via social media.

PR teams are increasingly being called upon to help in all aspects of event marketing, from initial planning and invitation distribution to providing on-site support and building online hype. Cover your bases ahead of your next event by knocking these four key elements out of the park. The result will be a successful event that your brand can build upon.

Traditional PR

Writing a press release for an upcoming event and publishing it on a news wire seems basic, but it does the job of spreading the word. Reaching out to relevant reporters and inviting them to cover the event is also important, as well as adding events to local online calendars, event round-ups, and daily newsletters.


A simple tool like Canva is perfect for designing an eye-popping invitation or event poster, ensuring that it captures your business’ brand elements and voice. Designing can also include advising on the overall flow and vibe of the event. If there’s food, should it be a buffet or passed hors d'oeuvres? Are talking points needed for a speech? You should be in full event planner mode and consider any logistical details needed on-site in advance of the event.

Social Media

Posting across social media channels ahead of an event as well as live posting to your accounts not only shares details but lets attendees know what hashtag to use and which social media handle to tag during the event. Creating a Facebook event page is also a way to gauge interest and expected attendance if there isn’t a formal RSVP process. The event page can also serve as a sounding board for potential guests to reach out with questions.

Influencer Marketing

Oftentimes influencers themselves can be guests of an event. Even if they are, partnering with a relevant influencer to promote an event is a great option. It increases awareness of your brand to a highly-focused niche audience that you already know will be interested in your business.

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