These 6 Podcasts Have Taught Me A Lot About Business & Marketing


As podcasts continue to gain popularity within mainstream media, I find myself discovering an abundance of podcasts that are incredibly helpful as a business owner and marketer. Even though these podcasts are valuable and you’re sure to learn something from each episode, they’re also unique and enjoyable to the average listener.

Planet Money

Not into economics? No worries. You’ll still love this podcast. (The episodes are actually radio episodes from NPR’s Planet Money show repurposed as a podcast.) Planet Money breaks down simple economic issues in a way that is understandable and interesting. Most of the stories can easily be applied to business or marketing as well.

My favorite episode is titled “Why the Price of Coke Didn’t Change for 70 Years.” It’s an incredible story (that I assume most people don’t know) about how Coca Cola struggled to increase the price of a glass Coke bottle from 5 cents for seven decades. Listen to it here.

How I Built This

How I Built This is sure to be one of the most popular business podcasts to date. Also an NPR podcast, HIBT is hosted by Guy Raz, who is a phenomenal interviewer. These episodes are about an hour long each and provide insight into the minds of some of the world’s greatest business leaders. Each interview dives into the personal background of each interviewee and tells the story and struggles of companies like Five Guys Burgers, Spanx, AirBnB, and JetBlue.

Once you listen to one, you’ll listen to them all. Trust me. Some of my favorite episodes are Whole Foods, Spanx and Kate Spade.

Marketing School

This podcast series is hosted by two marketing veterans, Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Each day they release a new 6-8-minute episode that touches on a specific marketing topic. Marketing School does a great job of covering varied marketing topics such as SEO, Email Marketing, Podcasting, PR Crises, Blogging, and more. This podcast is great for short drives to and from meetings as the hosts get right to the point and offer valuable information with tried-and-true examples.

Want to learn how to create the perfect Instagram video ad? Listen here. Considering hosting a conference? Learn more here. Ready to make money by podcasting? Listen here.

The Influencer Podcast

This podcast is a tad bit niche, but it serves up great content for those who are interested in learning more about influencer marketing. Julie Solomon interviews folks who are either working with influencers or those who are considered an influencer themselves. I like this podcast because once you listen to an episode, you realize how detailed the world of influencer marketing has become in such a short time. One of my favorite episodes of The Influencer Podcast is an interview with an attorney who now only writes influencer contracts and advises influencers on how to legally structure their business. Cool, right? Listen to that episode here.

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Business Wars

Time to get nerdy! If you’re like me, you’ll love the Business Wars podcast not only for the reminiscence of familiar household company names, but also for the intricate detail into which the hosts of this show dive into the competitive stories of large corporations. Each episode (many of these episodes are part of a larger series) dissects these companies, their history of competition, and why one may be more successful than the other.

For example, this episode of McDonald’s vs Burger King is fascinating.

Recode Media

Even if you’re not a media buff, you may still enjoy the Recode Media podcast. The podcast is a series of interviews with some of the world’s leading media moguls. The questions are often hard-hitting and very insightful. By listening to Recode Media, you’ll learn more about why some media companies are failing, what they’re doing to try to remain relevant, and how the media landscape is evolving.

One of my favorite Recode Media episodes is an interview with Wired’s Editor in Chief, Nick Thompson. The interview was released just as Wired launched their new paywall. Thompson explained why they switched to a paywall, instead of a free site. It’s good stuff. Listen here.

Are there other podcasts that have helped you to learn more about business or marketing? Feel free to send us an email with your favorites!