6 Simple Tips For Businesses on Twitter


Getting your business account to thrive on Twitter is a demanding task, so it's never a bad idea to learn some new tips and tactics to set yourself up for success.

1. Share Content You Enjoy

Sharing content that makes your Twitter account a valuable one to follow is an easy way of gaining followers. Share content that you enjoy and that is relevant to you.

2. Use Rich Media in Your Tweets

Using rich media in your tweets such as photos, videos, or GIFs make your tweets visually appealing to your followers. Tweets from businesses that contain images are more likely to get retweeted by your fans.

3. Schedule Your Content

When you plan in advance, you can better stick with your social media strategy rather than tweeting on the spot every time. Best practice for posting on Twitter is to post gradually and consistently on a day-to-day basis. Use scheduling tools, such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

4. Shorten Your Links

There are plenty of free URL shorteners on the market, so take advantage of them. With a program like Bitly, you can tidy up your URLs to display a more visually appealing link. You can also track exactly who is clicking your content.

5. Join a Twitter Chat

Rapidly build your knowledge about your industry by getting involved with Twitter chats that interest you. Twitter chats are not only a great way to improve your own knowledge, but they connect you with like-minded Twitter users at the same time.

6. Twitter Shortcuts

This handy trick is not just for newbies. Surprisingly, many people don't know you can access a whole host of Twitter shortcuts, simply by hitting the '?' button on your keyboard while accessing Twitter on desktop.

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