How to Find Facebook Groups With the Discover Tool

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With more than a billion Facebook users actively engaged in groups, there's no doubt that joining a group can help you connect and engage with like-minded people, and even score you, future customers. 

Facebook Groups are the most popular feature on Facebook other than the news feed. Groups encourage genuine discussion among members about their interests and share valuable insights on relevant topics. 

Here's how to easily search Facebook groups that strike your or your business' interests.

How to find and join relevant Facebook groups

Discover, within the Groups tab, will let you browse public and closed Facebook Groups by category, including Groups your friends are in and local Groups. You can see what's gaining traction in your circle, and in your city.

The Discover tab offers 25 different categories such as sports, food, parenting, photography, animals & pets, professional networking, outdoor activities, and much more. Facebook allows you to join up to 6,000 groups, which is obviously overwhelming and almost impossible to keep up with, but nonetheless, you have plenty of options to be a part of.

To use the Discover tab:

  1. Log into your personal Facebook profile

  2. In the left column, click on Groups. If you're already a member of different groups, you'll see a list here

  3. Click on the Discover tab at the top of the page. Facebook will bring up recommended groups based on Pages you've liked, your location, groups your friends belong to, and other clues from your activities on Facebook. You can scroll through various topics to find relevant groups for each subject

  4. Once you find a group that looks interesting, click on the name of the group to view the publicly available information, or click Join to become a member of the group. Depending on the privacy settings, you may become a group member automatically, or you may have to wait for your membership request to be approved.

Voila! Now, it's your turn to break the ice and introduce yourself to your new friends.