The 5 Best Websites to Make Your Own Infographics


Studies show that we are much more likely to remember information when it is presented in a visually-appealing and organized way, but sometimes that presents a challenge. They also show that we remember 55% more of information when it is paired with a picture. It also makes content more shareable on social media. So how do you pull this off? With infographics of course!

Infographics are a great resource for marketing. While you can pay someone to make them for you, there are also many resources online that are very affordable or even free, that can be used to make stunning graphics. Here’s some websites that can help you take your visual marketing to the next level.

1. Canva

Cost: Free, with an upgrade available for $12.95/month or $119.40/year

Canva is incredibly easy to use and produces beautiful work. Canva can be used to make many other types of graphics as well as edit images. To create an infographic, just choose a template, then drag and drop in your own photos and add in text. Canva has approximately 1,000,000 images to choose from, in addition to uploading your own so the options of creating great content are endless.


2. Venngage

Cost: Free, with paid packages available starting at $19/month

Venngage has some really great features aside from infographics, such as social media templates that allow users to create specific Instagram posts, blog headers and more, very similar to Canva. They have a solid number of infographic templates, organized by types, including timeline and statistical.  Like many of the others sites, they have templates that are only available to premium members, and in order to download most, you'll have to upgrade. There are also four tiers of pricing: free, premium, education and non-profit, which allows you to access specific features depending on your purpose and price range.



Cost: Free, or Pro for $4/month has a plethora of options to create infographics, but unlike the aforementioned sites, the only type of content you can create using this service is an infographic. is not quite as organized as the other websites, but still most templates are free and very easy to edit.


4. Zanifesto

Cost: Free, with paid packages available starting at $14/month

Upon first entering, Zanifesto’s site is visually appealing and clean. In order to upload your own graphics (like a logo), you need more than just the free membership option, which makes Zanifesto a little more limited. Once you purchase a membership, there are a decent selection of graphics to choose from. 


5. Piktochart

Cost: Free, with paid packages available starting at $12.50/month

Piktochart can also be used to make more that just infographics. The templates that they offer to make infographics are simple, yet elegant, and if you choose to upgrade to a “Pro Membership” then there are even more templates available. This also gives you access to higher resolution downloads and removed watermarks from images. Just like Canva, a user can download their own images to make things even more personal. You are also able to change text, colors, background and more to make a stunning infographic.


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