10 Tips to Generate More Conversions From Your Website


1. Use reverse IP tracking

Want to know the identity of your website visitors? Reverse IP lookup software will tell you who is browsing, as they browse - so you can reach out immediately.

2. Create custom landing pages

For different user types, for different search terms, and for different traffic sources. Your customers are looking for specific things, and they want to find them quickly.


3. Don't neglect the footer

It's extra website real estate, and a perfect opportunity to promote your social profiles, share your contact details, and reinforce your call to action.

4. Stick to standard web features

Don't overcomplicate. Users rely on consistent placement of conventional web features, like a company logo in the upper left corner of your site and a search box in the upper right.


5. The CTA

Less is more. Have a single CTA (not multiple competing ones), make it stand out, and limit the number of available links and options.

6. Use responsive design

This should go without saying, but a responsive design makes for a better user experience. And of course, that translates into better conversion. Also, black text on a white background works. As well as being easy to read, it's what our eyes are used to - both online and offline.

Personalized Engagement

7. Incorporate live chat

You can't give customer care if you're not there. To offer instant support to visitors as they browse, you need a live chat platform on your website. 

8. Display targeted banners

Tracking software can tell you things like visitor location, traffic source, and the number of previous site visits. Use this data to display targeted ad, relevant to the user.

General Tips

9. Spread out your testimonials

Don't make the mistake of lumping them all on one page. Instead, use them in relevant places across your site to reinforce trust. Each page of your website should be designed with a single goal in mind - not with many.

10. Emphasize authenticity

By placing logos of your prominent customers on your homepage, showcasing the recognizable publications you've featured in, and the award you've won.