3 Tips to Help Monitor Your Social Media Channels


Come Monday, it's always disappointing when you miss out on comments, questions, or ANY user engagement with your social media content over the weekend.

The beauty of social media is the abundance of tools that can help you stay active across all channels.

As your business grows, keeping track of everything becomes increasingly harder. But in the end, your attempts to go above and beyond just posting content can reflect how your audience perceives your business.

Utilize Management Tools

To maximize outreach and visibility on social media networks, it's important to know what each platform provides for active monitoring.

Twitter Advanced Search offers a great feature that makes it easy to find specific tweets that coincide with your brand. You can choose what to search for through terms, locations, dates and more.


Find something that matters to your business? Don't forget to respond or retweet it!

Similarly, tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite give you options to save searches around keywords that will alert you when organic content contains it. With these monitoring tools, you can also pre-schedule content at certain times of the day and monitor mentions across multiple channels.

Areas to Monitor

With the right tools in place, you want to make sure you are covering the broad landscape of your social media channels. Knowing what terms to look for can give you an opportunity for conversation.

Many times, people talking about your brand on social media may forget to add @'s or #'s to directly mention it. News feeds are susceptible to eating up content due to high traffic, so it's important to know what type of keywords you should be looking for. For example, McDonald's found a tweet without a direct mention and took the opportunity to respond to it in a personal way.


Respond to Everything

Sharing is caring. After all, social media is all about engagement.

Frequently, customers use social media to share their experiences with particular brands or products. This is a golden opportunity to engage with people directly correlated with your business and start meaningful relationships with them.

Your content is the first point of contact between you and your followers. When people see that you're engaging with your followers, they may find it appropriate to converse with you directly in the future. A simple like or response can go a long way and will draw them right back to your page.


Thank the people that leave an awesome review. Respond quickly to questions or concerns about your business. Follow-up on user-generated content that deal with your brand. Be personable and genuine in your engagement and let people know that you're always there.

How do you monitor engagement across multiple social media channels? Do you have a favorite management tool? Let us know in an email!