7 Quick Tips To Tidy Up Your Social Feeds


1. Audit your profiles

Find out the platforms that you and your audience do and don’t use regularly. Discard excess profiles that aren’t right for your business or its customers.

2. Check all admin settings

Review admin settings across platforms to ensure only the right staff can make updates, post content, answer messages and view statistics.

3. Check image sizes 

Double check image sizes against the requirements of each platform. Sprout Social provides specific social media image sizes per network and is updated regularly. 

4. Respond to private messages

Answer user’s private messages and set aside time to do so regularly. This can establish a better sense of trust between you and a potential customer. Some platforms even allow auto-responses. Leave a short message to let them know you’ll respond as soon as possible.

5. Post consistently 

Draw up a schedule or content calendar so you consistently post company updates, share content, and reshape other people’s content that is relevant to your business.

6. Link to other profiles

Ensure all of your social profiles link correctly to your other social profiles, and also your website. This is important for increasing engagement and positive ROI for your business.

7. Update bio and contact details

Update your “About” details on each platform, including phone numbers, office hours, and location. 

Just like you run anti-virus software to rid your computer of anything harmful to your computer, you should do the same for your social media platforms!