4 Tips For Better Facebook Video Engagement


Facebook videos have become an important and powerful medium for both people and businesses. With over 100 million hours of video being watched every day, now's the time to take a closer look at Facebook videos and how to use them to engage more fans. Here are a few tips and practices for better video engagement on Facebook:

1. Find the right audience

People are more likely to pay attention to content that's relevant to their interests. Consider the options that Facebook has to help you share your videos with the most relevant audience.

Once your video is uploaded, there's an option in the lower-left corner to set your Preferred Audience (before you publish). This allows you to reach people based on their interests and the Pages they've liked. Another helpful feature is the Audience Restrictions option, which allows you to limit who sees your videos. 


2. Highlight key moments in your copy

Facebook recommends “pulling out a key quote or moment from the video as the text component of your post” in order to set up the expectations of what will be seen in the video. This is a great way to grab people's attention as they scroll through their News Feed. Check out the examples below.


3. Keep mobile in mind

With more than 92% of Facebook users using the platform on their mobile every day, it's important that your video format is suited to mobile, such as a vertical or square video. If you want people to watch the end of your video, recent studies have proved that creating short videos of 15 seconds or less can significantly drive up video completions. 


4. Tell your story without sound

Many Facebook users still watch videos with sound off, so consider adding captions to help people better understand your video, otherwise, you're likely to lose that viewer. When you're uploading your video to Facebook, there's an option to upload an SRT file of your caption or add them manually by editing the video.