5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content


Knowing the best ways to repurpose your top social media content is key to getting consistently good results. Find out how to make the most of your existing content to save your resources below.

Different Formats

Turn the key facts of your blog post into checklists, graphics, slideshows, videos, or podcasts to get multiple content formats. Your pieces of spin-off content can be cross-promoted on social media or within specific communities. Make sure you experiment with a mix of content types and lengths to maximize reach.

Refresh Old Content

Update your evergreen content with current information or new statistics to extend the lifetime of your post. You can also:

  • Republish your post with a current date

  • Reshare your refreshed content

Use Google Analytics and find articles that performed well at the time, but are now slowing down in traffic.

More Graphics

Visual content is more likely to get shares, likes, and comments than basic text-only messages. Turn your key data into:

  • A stellar infographic

  • A meme for a striking statement

  • Motion graphics to add some fun to get more attention for your post

Follow-up Series

The best types of serial posts are the ones that take an in-depth look at a topic, with each post dedicated to a specific aspect of the topic. Take a successful piece of content and create a series focusing on major aspects or a follow-up story. This should link back to your original post.

Share Your Content

Share each piece of content and each format on your social media pages and link to your original post to get more reach. Tailor the message for your posts to fit each social media platform and audience:

  • Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

  • Share your blog post images on Pinterest, Instagram, and Flickr, using your focus image with your introduction, hashtags, and a link to your post