4 Benefits of Using Dropbox Business


From scrolling through cluttered email threads to opening your laptop on an airplane, only to discover that your files can’t be accessed offline, Dropbox understands and feels your pain. Find out how to overcome key productivity challenges you face in your day-to-day work below!

Conquer Big Files

Do you share mega-sized files with your co-workers or clients? As you’ve probably discovered, trying to send big attachments through email is generally a no-go. It’s easy to share even the biggest of files with Dropbox. Just create a shared link to your file or folder, then copy the link into an email, chat, or text message. Your recipient can then access, preview, or download the file, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Work without Wi-fi

No signal on the plane or in the coffee shop? With Dropbox, access your files anytime and anywhere you need them—no Wi-fi connection required. Just mark the files or folders you want to access offline and they’ll sync automatically behind the scenes. You can even mark files for offline access on your mobile devices.

Preview hundreds of file types

Dropbox previews lets you or your file recipients view hundreds of types of files— including Photoshop, Excel, and Sketch files—without specialized software. With Dropbox Business, you can even preview MXF videos, EPUB, CAD, and ZIP files without having to open them.

Eliminate unnecessary emails

Dropbox helps ensure your team is always in sync with:

  • Commenting - With Dropbox, comment anywhere on an image or file— including Excel, Photoshop, and Sketch files—without special software. Send out notifications to collaborators automatically, eliminating the need for messy email threads.

  • Auto-sync for file changes - Get instant notifications when someone views, edits, moves, or deletes files and folders. This way, you’re always in the loop if something changes.

With DropBox Business, you and your team don’t have spend hours or days mastering the art of file sharing and folder organization.