5 Tips to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile


1. Choose the Right Profile Picture & Background Image

In many cases, aesthetics plays a tremendous role in what kind of connection approaches and communicates with you. For your profile photo, use a recent headshot that is front-facing and shows off those pearly whites. Attire should match the people in your target company and industry.

According to Entrepreneur your LinkedIn has 11 times more chance to get viewed if you add a background photo to your personal profile. This photo should grab people's attention and show a little more about what matters to you. If you want to include text in your image, your safest bet is to include it in the top middle portion of your background image. 


2. Write an Awesome Headline

Use this section to give a bigger picture of who you are and what you do. Who do you help? Who can you help? Position yourself for the clients that YOU want and be the solution to people searching for your services. Include CTAs and contact info - Add your website URL and tell people why they should visit your website.

3. Join Groups

Joining a LinkedIn Group can help you connect with your customers and generate leads for your company, especially if you choose groups where your target market or audience regularly visit. It also shows people that you are making a concerted effort to meet new people. Another benefit of joining groups is that you'll be able to show off your own knowledge and expertise.

Pro tip: When asking to connect with someone, use "we've done business together" rather than "friend". And be sure to personalize any requests to connect with people.

4. Showcase Your Professional Skills

Highlight your skills in your LinkedIn profile just as you would on your resume. Make sure to order the top skills you want to be recognized for, so it's easy to catch the attention of potential recruiters or future partners. This section also provides a platform for others to endorse you. Endorsements from other members increase your credibility and identify connections that genuinely value you. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 4.47.13 PM.png

5. Post Relevant Content (and often)

Clean up any questionable content and make your profile more attractive. Convey positiveness in what you post and do it daily if possible. Establish yourself as an authority by posting your own blog posts as well as others from relevant topics. Remaining active on the platform can create engaging conversations to spark communication with like-minded people.

Pro tip: Publish unique content that's never been done before. Be authentic and write as yourself so that it matches your profile and personality. Make sure to add images, video or documents to help with SEO.