3 Facebook Ads That Will Bring Customers Back


With over 1,300 targeting options, multiple types of campaigns, and over 2 billion users, it's easy to see why creating Facebook ads can get a little overwhelming. Here are a few ways to use Facebook ads to bring back customers to your website or app. 

1. Lead Generation Ads

With this ad unit, Facebook makes the process of collecting email addresses fairly easy. People can simply tap your ad and a form pops up that is auto-populated with your contact information from Facebook, making it more likely for a customer to follow through.

For example, BMW used lead ads to make it easier for customers to inquire and test drive the perfect BMW. They saw a 56% reduction in cost per lad using this ad unit while providing an easy-to-use customer experience.


2. Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) allows marketers to promote products to people that show interest, whether or not they've been to your site or app. DPA uses behavioral information taken with Facebook Pixel to determine which product to feature in your Facebook ads. 

To get started, simply upload your product catalog and set up your campaign one time. The ad will continue finding the right people for each product as long as you want and will automatically use up-to-date pricing and availabilty. 


3. Abandoned Cart Ads

These ads typically offer an incentive if the person returns to complete their purchase. In 2017, 75.6% of online shoppers abandoned their carts. That's a large number of people (and money) that you are missing out on. 

Thankfully, with retargeting you can run a highly personalized Facebook ad targeting these individuals. Design your ads to have these extra draws by placing 10% off offers if they come back and finish their purchase or offering free shipping. To introduce yourself to cart recovery retargeting on Facebook, we suggest you set up an abandoned cart recovery ad today and monitor it for a week.