Twitter Direct Messages: Add Buttons to Drive Action

Need a way to create a better customer service experience on Twitter?

The company is rolling out a new feature that will allow businesses to attach buttons inside their direct message conversations. The buttons are designed to encourage followers to take actions -- like composing a tweet, visiting their website, or following the businesses' Twitter account, among other things. 

Up to three buttons can be attached to direct messages and they can be used to open any web URL, including links to other features on Twitter. Businesses can also customize the call-to-action text on a button, including the use of emojis. 

A few businesses are already getting creative with these buttons. For example, Focus Features has a bot that tweets movie trailers and they added buttons to their direct messages for users to buy movie tickets, join the company’s rewards program, or get connected to a human in order to get customer service questions answers. For their new movie The Beguilded, the bot is inviting users to play a trivia game to get more excited about the release and encourage them to share their score on Twitter. 

The feature is one of several improvements Twitter has made to its Direct Messaging experience, which includes Direct Message Cards, welcome messages, quick replies, location sharing, and more. 

Businesses can access the new feature via Twitter’s developer API.

Does your business use Twitter bots for direct messaging? Have you tried adding CTA buttons? Let us know in the comments!