3 Examples of Successful Instagram Stories Ads

Back in March, Instagram launched a new way for brands to target and reach audiences across the app's 600 million users. Instagram Stories ads appear between stories as users swipe through, offering them an immersive, full-screen experience. 

With the rapid growth of Stories, companies are taking advantage of these new ad tools to drive sales, showcase products, and gain awareness of their brand. Here are 3 examples of how brands are using Instagram Story Ads:


Fido, a wireless carrier in Canada, used Instagram Stories ads to help launch their new 'Fido Roam' service; a way keep travelers connected while they're abroad. The initial campaign featured a highly-immersive video that they wanted to get in front of 'travel hungry millennials.' 

Instagram says Fido researched the most effective creative elements of the campaign with AdParlor's Intelligence Tags Technology, giving them more insight into the best background colors and images to use to boost performance.

From Instagram

From Instagram

Red Bull

To promote their 'Flying Illusion Show', Red Bull used Instagram Stories ads to run a video campaign featuring striking visuals and exciting breakdancers. With the new ad platform, they were able to target cities in Germany to reach as many people as possible.

From Instagram

From Instagram


For those who use the more static route, still-photos can be very effective. Target used Instagram Stories ads to show the image of a board game, its name, and the price. The ad is quick and to the point, and the image is attention-grabbing enough to create product awareness and get users to look up the item after the ad disappears. 

Have you tried to create your own Instagram Story Ad? Was it successful? Let us know in the comments below!