Why Brands Are Taking Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Do you ever feel that despite the time and effort you put into creating "great content," it doesn't seem to make an impact?

Influencer marketing is proving itself as one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience and drive business results. In this crowded social landscape, the rise of the social media influencer creates a world of possibilities. It also allows brands to connect with their audience more directly and organically when compared to traditional forms of digital advertising. Here are a few reasons why brands are leveraging social media influencers to drive results.

1. Consumers are tired of paid ads

People are exposed to hundreds of ads a day so, it's no surprise that they're starting to tune out traditional ads online. With so many ad interruptions these days, consumers are turning to software like Adblock that take ads out of your media experience. Unfortunately, even if your content is great and conversions are high, some people will never see them.

2. It's powerful

For brands that sell products that thrive off what's trendy and cool, working with influencers can help communicate to the market that your product is the next best thing. Last year, Lord & Taylor got 50 Instagram influencers to wear the same dress and post a picture. Soon after, the dress was sold out. 

3. It's native advertising

Native advertising places brands and products within the organic content, creating a more powerful marketing solution for brands. These days, consumers want to learn about a product through content rather than through traditional advertisements. 

4. It comes with credibility

When teaming up with an influencer, it's important that you're selective and choose individuals who have a strong personal brand that aligns with your product. Personalities on social media tend to have more substantial relationships with their followers, increasing the chances that consumers see your product and trust that someone they follow and like is endorsing it.