3 Inspiring Ways to Create a Facebook Slideshow

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Facebook Slideshow is a cost effective way to feature content that you already have.

With Slideshow, advertisers can create a video-like ad by merging 3 to 7 still images that can be from existing video or photos, and stock images from Facebook's library. You can add audio and text overlay that bring your stories to life and resonates with your audience.

These are some great examples on how to create your next Slideshow depending on your goals:

Highlight Your Benefits

Does your business have more than one benefit? Slideshow is the perfect tool to highlight each of them. 

  1. Select images that clearly communicates and visualizes each benefit
  2. When you've uploaded these images, select the edit tool on each image to add text
  3. Keep the text short and make sure it's legible (contrasting with the background image)
  4. For better viewing pleasure, place the text in the same place on each photo
  5. Adjust the slide duration, so viewers have time to read the text

Show Off Your Product

Using Slideshow is also effective if your business sells a physical object. Choose a variety of images to show multiple products, or different styles of one product.

  1. Want to grab peoples attention? Try using a short duration for each image of a product with multiple styles. 
  2. Keep the product/s in the same place on each image to minimize movement between frames. 
  3. Add music to your Slideshow to make it more engaging. Select the Music option on the top of the slideshow tool and you'll be able to upload your own music or choose from a list provided. 

Tell Your Business Story

Show people what sets your business apart from the competition by telling them your story with several images. 

  1. What are the key parts of your business' story? Identify the ones that will resonate most with your audience
  2. Select one image to visualize each phase
  3. Make sure the first image is appealing and draws the viewer in.
  4. Add a few words to each image to communicate your message

Do you use Facebook Slideshow? What are your goals when using it? Let us know in the comments below!