How to Create "Snapcodes" to Promote Your Business

Need a fun way to share your online content on Snapchat?

In a recent update for iOS users, Snapchat now allows users to create "Snapcodes" for any link, which will open inside the app when it is scanned. This is a powerful way for businesses and online influencers to promote themselves with a exciting image, not just a URL. Follow these easy steps to setup your "Snapcode."

1. Select "Snapcodes" in your Settings

While in camera view, scroll down on your screen and press the 'wheel' symbol at the top right to access your Settings tab. Scroll down and select "Snapcodes."

2. Press "Create Snapcode" and enter a URL


3. Add an image from the website or your phone

Resize your image to fit into the Snapchat ghost logo. You can also edit "Snapcodes" through their web editor. When you've added your image, save it to your camera roll.

4. Voila! Time to take action.

That was easy enough, right? Now that you have your sweet new "Snapcode," it's time to send them off to the Snapchat world. You can easily send the image it via text or capture it through the app. The best part is, users don't even have to leave the app to view your content.