3 Content Discovery Platforms For Better Social Media Content

The ability to discover and share relevant content is becoming an important, everyday task for building your presence on social media. It's a great way to establish yourself as an authority and trusted resource, especially as a "go-to" destination for the best content in your field. 

Effective curating gives you consistency in your content, but also a time-consuming effort. Here are 3 content discovery platforms that can save you time and strengthen your social media strategy:


Feedly lets you gather, organize and personalize relevant content that matters to you. Think of it as your web monitor for alerts on keywords and topics that interest you. Within the dashboard, you can easily create an online collection of your favorite blogs, channels (YouTube) and people to refer back to and share across your social media platforms. Another cool feature is the ability to customize the appearance of themes, colors and organization of your dashboard.


Almighty.Press is a platform used to identify, curate, and schedule trending content. The tool connects you with a real-time news feed that you can filter with keywords and web domains. It also features "Almighty Force," a custom algorithm designed to gauge the virality of content and track trending content before it becomes saturated. Sorting options are also available to arrange content by date, engagement count and comments. If you want to be the first to share a great article, consider Almighty.Press.


DrumUp is an excellent curation tool that discovers and recommends content that is most relevant to your audience. With DrumUp, expect only the freshest content, in real-time. Add keywords, blogs, and websites and store their articles to your content library. What sets this platform apart from the other two mentioned is the ability to add multiple social media accounts to your dashboard. This makes it easier to manage and publish content across your social media channels, saving you precious time for other tasks. 

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