The Rise of Podcasts

Podcasts have been available for download since the mid-2000s, but there is no doubt that there has been a rise in their popularity in the last year. People continue to discuss new podcasts, whether it be from a celebrity, coverage of the election or marketing strategies for the upcoming year. This is in part due to the popularity of podcasts such as Serial, a weekly podcast that "tells one story—a true story—over the course of a season," that gained a lot of publicity in the mainstream media. But it is undeniable that podcasts have been on the rise due to their open-ended nature and opportunity to create content and captivate users in a unique way. There is something about listening to a conversation that is captivating to individuals and it is a platform that you should be utilizing, whether by listening or hosting your own.

The world of podcasts is literally endless, and there are podcasts that appeal to everyone. One of the more interesting aspects of podcasting is that while many celebrities and news anchors host them, most of them are run by bloggers, small-business owners and predominantly amateurs, which is what makes it so exciting. There is so much to learn in podcasts, even from small businesses and entrepreneurs. Listening to podcasts about your particular industry, niche or even subjects that you are trying to become well-versed in is a tool that you should not be missing out on. You might even be able to interview some of your industry’s brightest minds! 

Social media and marketing podcasts are gaining popularity simultaneously because there is so much to learn, and so many individuals with experience to listen to. We have gathered a list of social media podcasts that you should be listening to in order to stay up-to-date and in-tune with social media marketing trends. 


  1. The Science of Social Media- Buffer
    Buffer is a great resource for social media in general, and it comes as no surprise that their podcasts are a great resource as well. This podcasts comes in 30 minute episodes that look into new and exciting ways to implement social media strategy through interviews with some of the top social media strategists in the game. 

    1. Inside Social Media at one of the Biggest Universities in America (and What You Can Learn) - Nikki Sunstrum

    2. Inside NASA’s Social Media Strategies - John Yembrick

    3. Inside HubSpot’s Social Team - Meghan Keaney Anderson

  2. Hashtagged by Jordan Powers
    This podcast focuses all around Instagram, both for personal use and business and examines ways to organically grow your Instagram following. Jordan Powers is an expert in the field of media and is also a photographer. This podcast is anywhere from 30-60 minute episodes and is commonly interviews as well. 

    1. Organically growing your following to over 30k people with Maury Page

    2. The science of Instagram marketing with Lauren Bath

    3. Focusing on creating content and community versus being an influencer with Dan Joyce

  3. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield
    Amy Porterfield’s podcast focuses on educational content surrounding social media marketing and content management to help amateurs learn the ropes. She does solo podcasts as well as interviews and consistently gives useful tips that any listener can use. 

    1. How Much Money Should I Spend on Facebook Ads to Be Successful on My Webinar?

    2. How to Get Started with Facebook Live


In addition to listening to podcasts, recording your own can be a great way to share thoughts and reach new audiences. Again, podcasts have become increasingly popular in the past year and they are a beneficial way to get content out there. Interviews are always helpful, and publishing them as a podcast is great for both parties. Podcasting is an effective tool for social media managers and marketers looking to expand their audience and can be very simple to add to your website and share on social media. Podcasting is an extremely popular and powerful marketing medium for brands and businesses that is absolutely destined to continue growing in the coming years. It is a unique was of looking for a different way to engage with new content and absolutely should not be overlooked by those who are knowledgeable in their field. So give podcasts a try or contact us at Social Ape for help with new platforms!