4 Instagram Contests to Engage Followers

There are numerous ways to boost engagement with your followers on Instagram so it's imperative that your posts are creative and grab the attention of your followers. Hosting an Instagram contest is a great way to interact with your followers and promote your company!

There are several types of contest you can hold on Instagram to promote interaction with followers as well as promote your products. Of course, when available, a giveaway or a prize is the most compelling way to engage users with your contest, but you can definitely run successful contests on Instagram even if you don’t have the means to give things away! Here are four types of contests you can try on your IG! 


1. Hashtag Contests

Social media revolves around the idea of the hashtag, and Instagram is no different. All you have to do is create a fun hashtag and ask people to post pictures pertaining to your brand with the hashtag. To choose a winner, you can search the hashtag and choose your favorite. This type of contest is great for promoting your business name and brand. You gain exposure to your followers but also their followers, thus expanding your reach! Make sure to come up with a creative campaign hashtag to engage your followers and theirs too! Hashtag contests are a great way to take advantage of the viral nature of Instagram. 

2. Like-to-Win Contest

There’s no doubt that success on Instagram has a lot to do with likes. A contest like this is a very simple way to bring in the hearts. To do this, post a simple graphic explaining the contest and make sure they know that in order to win, you have to like the photo. To announce the winner, pick a random user from among the list of likes and comments, then tag their name on the post to let them know that they won (or post a new graphic). You can also amp up this strategy by having them follow the account to be eligible for the contest. Additionally, you can have users tag their friends in the comments to have their name entered in the contest again! To help  expose the contest, use lots of hashtags like #contest and #giveaway to get more people involved! This type of giveaway is a great way to gain loyal followers and grow your network.

Like to win.PNG


3. Voting Contest

A voting contest engages your current followers in a way that lets them help choose the winner! The IG account should design a graphic to explain the contest and then follow that up by posting a photo for each contestant. The best way to keep track is simple; the contestant with the most likes is the winner. This type of contest is another way to gain exposure, because those who are trying to win will share the post with their friends and other followers! The photos should be of things relevant to your business, or could also be a series of finalists from the competition. The possibilities are endless. This kind of contest encourages users to get more deeply involved with your brand, and they have a stake in pushing your wider reach!


4. Selfie Contest

Last, but definitely not least, is a selfie contest! This is such a fun way to engage your followers and make them feel like they're part of your brand! Whether it is challenging them to post a selfie with your product in an innovative way or at a specific location, your followers will definitely feel more engaged with your brand. You can even invite users to post photos with or without your products. Make sure to announce the winner with a post on IG, since users love seeing that there was an actual winner and it encourages followers to participate in later contests! A selfie contest is a really great way to let your followers do a lot of the work! 

Selfie contest.PNG

Contests on Instagram can be a great way to increase your reach and improve engagement with your brand. If you need help engaging your followers on social media, contact us at Social Ape!