4 Social Media Platforms You Should Know About

4 Social Media Platforms You Should Know About

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. Some social media sites, like Facebook, have dominated the field since the early 2000s, but every year new social media platforms are created and you never know which one will be the next Instagram or Facebook. The failures help marketers see what users don’t want and the successes illustrate a new breed of opportunity all together. It’s beneficial to keep an eye on the newest platforms on the horizon, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. We’ve gathered a list of some social media platforms to keep an eye on in the future.

1. Wanelo.

Wanelo is a social shopping app that allows you to look through several products, brands, retailers and artists like those on Etsy. In Wanelo, there is a social aspect that allows you to see what friends are browsing, establish connections and create wishlists. Wanelo rivals Pinterest in its graphics and visual appeal. Though the two differ in that Pinterest is not solely for shopping, some people suspect that users would rather be able to buy all of their items rather than just use them as inspiration.


2. SlideShare.

SlideShare is already gaining popularity, but still far from being at the level of Instagram or Facebook. It was aquired by LinkedIn in 2012, which helped to prove its potential. Slideshare allows users to create videos and presentations that have a professional appeal. The app is incredibly practical and perfect for business applications. You can expect to see SlideShare being used more by young professionals that love its social nature and connections to LinkedIn.

3. Ello.

Ello is similar to both Facebook and Tumblr considering it is used to make connections and share content (text, photos, videos,etc.). One feature that makes Ello stand out is the network's stance against advertising. Ello has stated they will never feature forced ads or sell user information to 3rd parties. It's unsure if Ello will increase in popularity but there is no doubt that they will be part of a greater conversation about advertising’s effect on social media.

4. Hyper.

Hyper combines aspects of several social media platforms and arguably brings them together into one very useful platform. Hyper primarily focuses on sharing and finding the best videos online based around your interests. Its graphics are beautiful and it even got an Editor's Choice from the App Store on iOS. Though there isn’t a huge user base now, Hyper offers some unique features that could definitely cause it to grow in the coming year.


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