Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Communications Plan


When people think of public relations, many may picture a team of handlers dealing with a sweeping issue that has far-reaching public ramifications. While large-scale crises like a data breach or faulty product can and do happen, a crisis can also happen on a smaller scale. No matter the size of your business or perceived crisis, it’s important to have a crisis communications plan in place. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Time is of the Essence

News spreads quickly, especially bad news. The speed is now further compounded thanks to social media. Once an issue is underway, taking the time to formulate a response and get a plan in place can cost your business precious time. The court of public opinion wants to see a response, not silence.

Consistency is Key 

Putting a crisis plan in place ahead of time ensures that all vital players of an organization are on the same page on how to respond. It reflects poorly on an already embattled company if its leaders are not unified in their response, creating more confusion and a lack of trust for the public.

Address All Possible Scenarios

Developing a plan allows you to discuss all possible crisis scenarios for your business and in turn, create appropriate responses. Of course, no crisis plays out the same and unforeseen issues arise in real-time, but discussing potential issues in advance without the stress of an actual problem ensures that your team is as prepared as possible. 

Prep as Much as Possible Ahead of Time

Even though every issue is different, there are many things your team can do beforehand to save time once a crisis does arise. Draft a media statement and social media posts for any possible issue that could arise within your company. Have a designated spokesperson prepped and talking points ready for media inquiries. Each of these drafts can be tailored accordingly once an issue does arise. 

Is your business ready to craft a crisis communications plan? Social Ape Marketing is ready to help! Contact us now to get started.

Top Tools to Use for Influencer Marketing


As more and more businesses or brands are using influencer marketing to reach their target audience, it’s important to use the right tools to make the process easier and more effective. Below you’ll find our favorite tools for everything from finding influencers to resesarching payment rates.


Hunter is a search tool that will help you to find the contact information of any particular person that you’re searching for. Some influencers may not always check or respond to their DM’s via social media so finding a direct email address is the most effective way to reach them. Conversely, if you’re an influencer in search of brands to collaborate with, you could use Hunter to find contact information of a particular employee at the brand.


Trello can be used in many ways, but for this example, the project management software is great for managing influencer campaigns by moving cards from one aspect of the process to the next such as outreach to negotiation and so on.


Izea is a great tool for finding and researching influencers for your next campaign. The software can even create and execute campaigns, curate influencer payments and provide performance reports as well.


Upfluence is another fully loaded software that handles the entire process of influencer marketing campaigns from research to team collaboration.


Famebit is also a influencer search tool but focuses on discovering YouTube influencers.


Pitchbox helps you create and optimize a data-driven strategy for your outreach campaigns. With useful insights into every aspect of your outreach process, you can refine your strategies to optimize performance. The tool provides answers to all questions about what’s working and what isn’t, which areas you can improve further, and so on.

Hype Auditor

Hype Auditor is one of many tools that calculates the engagement rate of any influencer account on social media. Working with an influencer with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers is great, but if they have a very low engagement rate or reach, then it may not be worth your time to partner with that influencer. Hype Auditor can also provide other information about influencer accounts including audience demographics and interests, brand collaborations and more.

Instagram Money Calculator

There are several tools online to help you calculate the payment to provide an influencer for one or several posts. The Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Money Calculator is easy to use and will give you an estimated amount to pay for each post as well as the account’s engagement rate and average likes and comments.

Meet the Media Monday: Page Fehling

IMG_0456 copy.jpg

It’s time for another Meet the Media Monday! The series features a brief Q&A with leading Charlotte media members as we get to know the faces behind the stories that matter most in the Queen City. This week, meet Page Fehling of Good Day Charlotte.

You may recognize Page. She’s one of Charlotte’s leading TV personalities, but she’s also a woman of many talents. Currently, Page juggles her morning lead anchor role at Fox 46, her podcast with husband Jake called Date Night with Jake & Page and motherhood — among other things. We caught up with Page to discuss podcasts, her sleep schedule and everything in between.

If you could tell any story what would it be?

PF: Profiles on people, getting to know people in the community. I do Page’s Pep Rallies on Friday mornings in the fall at schools to talk about cool things going on in schools and great things going on with young people — young people doing positive things in the community. I like stories that let you get a glimpse without a news hook and that’s cool. When you get to know a person it’s hard not to find common ground.

What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

PF: I live on a family compound with 13 people. I also never planned to be working. I thought I would be a stay-at-home mom. I’m bad at it and love working. It made me really appreciate people who do that and do it well (being a stay-at-home mom). Some people kick ass at it and I do not.

If you weren’t an anchor what would you be?

PF: I would be a teacher, but for adults.

(Page and husband Jake teach public speaking classes here in Charlotte.)

What attracted you to journalism? 

PF: I’ve always been a consumer of television news, especially morning news. I like the feeling of getting the news from your friends. Morning TV is the same thing as going to coffee with your friends. I would die being on the evening news. It’s not my skill set. I lived and died by Oprah. It never occurred to me that I would and could do this for a living. In college, I wrote notes while I was traveling and Molly Grantham (of WBTV) told me I should go into journalism and I was like, “Okay!”

What are the challenges you face being a journalist?

PF: The sleep! The tiredness. That’s the biggest for sure. It’s hard sometimes being on so early because no one else is awake to confirm facts. If anyone ever wants to book me as a guest or interview it’s hard because I’m asleep when other people are awake.

What is your day-to-day? 

PF: I wake up at 2 a.m., get to the studio around 3 to 3:30 a.m. and I’m typically done between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Then I nap! Sometimes I work in some form of exercise. I’ve always been a napper. I’m wired to be a morning person. If you ask me to anchor at 10 p.m. I would be a zombie.

What’s your favorite social media platform? (both professionally and personally) 

PF: Instagram, Instagram, Instagram! I prefer Instagram Stories more than the feed. Stories are abbreviated, more fun and a visual way of getting the news. Glimpses of life!

(Give her a follow @pagefehling!)

How long have you lived in Charlotte? What brought you here? 

PF: I moved here in 2013. My brother has been here since 2002 when he signed with the Panthers. I said for years if a morning show at a Fox station opened up that I would move here.

What's your favorite activity in Charlotte?

PF: For family, we love going to Charlotte Knights games and brewery and restaurant jumping for date nights.

What’s one thing you could change about Charlotte?

PF: I wish Charlotte’s history, culture and uniqueness could be brought to the surface more readily. I like Plaza Midwood because of its diversity and cool funkiness.

What has surprised you the most about Charlotte? 

PF: How spread out it is. Because of that, it’s harder to make friends here. In Raleigh, we had built-in friends from college and here we have more of our family. I love that there’s so much to Charlotte and so much we enjoy. I’d just like more friends we can see consistently.

How did you get into podcasting?

PF: We started a segment here at Fox 46 with Kelly and Thomas Davis, but then went to their house and it was totally different. When you see people in a couple they change as people. We’re tickled to show them (couples) off. I’m a huge podcast listener. How much can you get in on 3 to 5 minutes on TV?

What is your favorite podcast?

PF: Armchair Expert!

Want to learn more about Good Day Charlotte? Head to their website or follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for the latest.

Six Productivity Tools for Creatives


Do you hit an afternoon wall during your workday? The Social Ape team is here to help you stay on track when you hit that slump (and when there’s no caffeine in sight)! Check out these tools our team uses to aid in productivity for creatives. 


  • Todoist is essentially a to-do list housed on your browser. This helps keep your daily tasks organized by allowing you to select the level of priority, due date and even send email reminders about your task directly to your inbox. Never miss a deadline again!


  • Consider this your personal doodle pad on your computer. Evernote is the place to log notes and ideas and makes it simple to share notes with colleagues. When sharing notes via Evernote, your colleagues will be able to write in the same notepad, making it easy to share ideas and information in real-time.


  • The Grammarly extension for your browser is a lifesaver! Grammarly scans what you’re typing and points out grammatical and spelling errors as they’re typed. This can save you time when drafting emails, stories, press releases and more.


  • For those who need help with time management, the Clockify extension helps track the time spent on each of your tasks. Simply hit stop and start when you begin and finish a task to observe how long certain tasks take. Additionally, if you work in Google Drive, the Clockify logo pops up in documents, making it easy to start/stop your timer from a specific document.


  • Does having 10+ browser tabs open at a time make you anxious? OneTab is an extension that houses all of your tabs on a single tab, eliminating the pressure of seeing so many pages at once. 

A Soft Murmur

  • If you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little noise, A Soft Murmur is a white noise site that allows you to mix sounds like Thunder and Coffee Shop to offer a little background noise to increase your focus while cranking out your work. 

Meet Grayson Bigelow - Summer Intern


Social Ape is excited to introduce our Summer 2019 Intern, Grayson Bigelow! Grayson is a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in French. Grayson is from Columbus, OH and a recent North Carolina transplant who has already fallen in love with Charlotte! She is loving her time here at Social Ape this summer and is busy soaking up as much new knowledge and expertise in her last few weeks on the job. Grayson still has a few years to go but is already excited to make a career out of her love for social media and all things PR when she finishes up her studies at Chapel Hill in 2022.

Get to know Grayson a bit better by reading her responses to our questions below!

 What are your favorite things about Charlotte so far?

I live a bit further away in the Mooresville area so I don’t get to spend a huge amount of time in Charlotte during the week, but I love to explore with friends on the weekends or try one of the many delicious restaurants in the area after work. I’m not the biggest sports fan (don’t tell my fellow Tarheels!) so I love that there’s always a ton of other exciting things to do when I come down to Charlotte, whether it’s seeing a play or going to an amazing street festival.

Why do you love social media and marketing?

The industry is constantly growing and evolving which means that there’s always something new and exciting for me to learn! I love how varied and fast-paced working in marketing can be because I know that each day on the job will be different. I’ll never be bored or risk falling into a rut. However, getting to communicate with so many different people, whether they’re my awesome coworkers, clients or even social media users at the other end of a social media post I’ve written, is what really fuels my passion for social media and marketing.

 What do you do at Social Ape Marketing?

I help create our weekly newsletter, play a part in creating content for one of our clients as well as the Social Ape Instagram account, provide research assistance for various clients and internal operations, and recently have been sharpening my PR skills by writing pitches for different media outlets.

If you could give advice to people who want to enter this industry what would it be?

It’s never too early to start getting experience and building your network, so say yes to every opportunity and make sure you get everyone’s contact info!  Even if you don’t feel prepared to take on a new role or responsibility, give it your best shot and learn from your successes and failures. You’ll probably surprise yourself with skills you didn’t know you had.

What do you like to do when you’re not in school or at your internship?

I love to stay active during my downtime (with the occasional lazy Netflix day thrown in the mix) so whenever I have time I like to hit the gym, try a new fitness class or plan a weekend hiking trip. I also enjoy hanging out at home with my pets, trying new recipes (especially for Italian food) and going to the theatre. 

We have loved having Grayson on the team over the past few months and are eager to see what her future holds!

You can follow Grayson on Instagram at @grayson_bigelow.

Meet The Media Monday: DeAnna Taylor

Credit: @brokeandabroadlife

Credit: @brokeandabroadlife

We’re back with the next edition of Meet the Media Monday! The series features a brief Q&A with leading Charlotte journalists as we get to know the faces behind the stories that matter most in the Queen City. For the latest entry, we chatted with DeAnna Taylor of CharlotteFive

DeAnna is a North Carolina attorney turned travel blogger for Broke and Abroad who writes for international travel publication Travel Noire in addition to covering all things Charlotte for CharlotteFive. We talked with DeAnna on being a Charlotte native, how she got into writing and her extensive travels. 

Where are you from? 

DT: I am from Charlotte, born and raised. I’m happy to be a unicorn! All my family is still here. Everyone is pretty much still in the same area that we were raised in. When I was in law school at NC Central I lived in Durham and I spent four years in Virginia in undergrad and then Korea for a year but outside of that, I’ve always been in Charlotte.

How did you end up in Korea?

DT: I guess it was just to a point where I was burnt out! I was practicing law and I was also a personal trainer here. So I was juggling working full-time as a lawyer and then in the morning and evenings doing personal training. I needed a break. And so I researched living abroad and earning money and came upon teaching English in Korea. I did that for a year while I traveled. It was the life!

Where did you visit while living in Korea?

DT: In the one year I went to nine countries in Asia. The Maldives and Thailand were my favorites. It’s so laid back and they’re both so cheap once you’re there. For longer holidays I would go farther away. I loved it.

How did you get into journalism?

DT: I started my travel blog (Broke and Abroad) about three years ago. It started from being able to find flight deals and people asking me how I travel so much and letting them know that I’m not taking these expensive, luxury vacations. I had to find a way to travel on a budget so I started blogging when I would find deals and also about traveling solo. 

While I was in Korea there was an opportunity to write for the tourism board in the city that I was living in. They wanted expats only to help other expats so I started writing for them. And then about two months before I left Korea, the opportunity came for Travel Noire. When I came home I thought, well I’m from Charlotte so why don’t I try my hand at some local publications and then got connected to CharlotteFive

What do you like to write about (besides travel)?

DT: New restaurants openings. Being from Charlotte, it’s fun to see what new places are coming here and why they decided Charlotte of all cities. Especially if it’s a place that isn’t based on the East Coast. It’s cool to see that our city is important!

Do you have a favorite social media handle?

DT: Instagram. It’s your let-loose outlet and you can post anything you want. Facebook is a little bit more conservative and you have to be mindful of what you’re saying. I feel like I’m more expressive on Instagram than I am on Facebook. I have a Twitter account but I mainly use it if something goes viral to check out these huge Twitter threads.

What’s on your travel bucket list?

DT: I didn’t get to go to Indonesia when I was living in Korea. I want to do Bali and an island adjacent to Bali called Lombok. That’s definitely on my radar. 

Want to learn more about CharlotteFive? Head to their website or follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for the latest.

The Dos and Don'ts of Pitching Television


Want to increase exposure for your business and think television is the way to go? Before you hit send on that email, be sure you know the dos and don’ts for pitching a television segment for your business. Read our favorite tips to help you secure a coveted spot on your town’s favorite show.

DON’T pitch the TV anchor.

  • When pitching television, you’ll want to pitch the appropriate producer and not your favorite network’s anchor. The producers will be the ones booking and scheduling segments for anchor-hosted shows.

DO customize your pitch.

  • Be sure to tailor your pitch to the specific network and show (morning, mid-day, evening, weekend). Including the name of the show and referencing the anchors or hosts of the show in your initial email will help you stand out and show that you’ve done your research..

DON’T assume producers will say yes.

  • Television shows and the teams that make it all come together are busy! Typically, producers book about a month out, so be sure to time your pitch correctly. Following up 48 hours after your initial pitch will hopefully help secure that spot sooner.

DO fully describe your segment idea.

  • When pitching for TV, paint a picture of what your segment would look like. For example, if your goal is to land a cooking segment, explain the dish that you would be cooking and any additional information that would be helpful to the viewers.

DO know what each show entails.

  • Sticking with the cooking segment example, be sure what you’re pitching applies to the specific show. Don’t pitch a cooking segment for a show that doesn’t have a kitchen. Want to grill up burgers? Make sure the studio has an outdoor setup, including a grill.

DON’T forget to confirm space restrictions with producers.

  • If you do land a segment, be sure to confirm with the producer how many people are allowed to be on air as well as behind-the-scenes. It’s important to bring as few people as possible! Also, be sure to bring any props, ingredients, etc. along, too and let the producer know of these ahead of time.

DO draft and send talking points.

  • Several days before your segment, be sure to send the producer talking points (what to discuss during the segment), how to pronounce the guest’s name, and the names of the guests that will be attending. Additionally, make sure to send the talking points to your on-air guest for the segment as well in advance of the segment.

Not interested in pitching television segments on your own? Contact the Social Ape team to learn more about developing and executing a robust public relations strategy!

10 Instagram Hacks for PR Professionals


Fellow marketers know how tricky and time-consuming it can be to keep track of all the latest social media updates across so many different platforms. So we’ve put together a list of our favorite tips and tricks to master one of the most powerful and versatile social platforms: Instagram.

Check out a few of our favorite hacks below:

1. Make your bio appear in more search results: Include more of your company’s keywords in the name field of your bio –– which is searchable–– to increase the likelihood that you show up in searches related to your industry.

  1. Tap “Edit Profile” and select the “Name” section.

  2. Revise the text to include your keywords and then tap “Done” to save your changes.

2. Add alt text for accessibility and SEO boost: Adding alt text tags to your Instagram posts makes them accessible for visually impaired users who rely on screen readers, and can also boost your SEO by making your images more easily searchable.

  1. To add alt text to a new Instagram post, tap "Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the caption screen.

  2. Scroll to the “Accessibility” heading and select “Write Alt Text.”

  3. Users can also add alt text to published posts in the “Edit” feature by selecting “Edit” and tapping “Edit Alt Text” on the image.

Photo: Social Media Examiner

Photo: Social Media Examiner

3. Save Instagram Stories to your camera roll: You can save your published Stories to your phone’s camera roll in two ways:

Method 1: 

  1. Open the Instagram Stories camera.

  2. Choose a photo or video to post.

  3. Tap the “save to camera roll” icon in the top right of the screen.

Method 2:

  1. Open the Stories camera.

  2. Tap the settings button.

  3. Switch on “Auto Save Stories” to save all future Stories to your camera roll.

4. Turn off comments on a post: Prevent followers from commenting on certain posts.

  1. Choose a photo or video to post as you normally would.

  2. When you reach the caption editing screen, tap “Advanced Settings.”

  3. Switch the “Turn Commenting Off” option on.

  4. To turn off commenting on previously published posts, tap the edit button on your post and select “Turn Off Commenting.”

5. Add line breaks to long captions: Make your posts with longer captions more readable by adding line breaks.

  1. While writing your caption, periodically add line breaks by using the “Return” key, which you can access on your device’s keyboard by tapping the “123” key. 

  2. To add a larger white space between lines, simply tap return multiple times.

6. Add music to your Instagram Story with Instagram’s music library: Choose from thousands of songs to spice up your Stories!

  1. Once you’ve started a new Stories post, tap the “Stickers” icon and select the “Music” sticker.

  2. This opens Instagram’s music library, where you can search by song title, mood, genre, or what’s popular.

  3. Tap the song you want to add to your post, then choose from the style options (scrolling lyrics, album cover, etc) and the length of the clip, up to 15 seconds.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

7. Filter and block comments with specific keywords: Prevent unwanted comments and social media trolling by filtering and blocking comments that contain selected keywords.

  1. Go to the “Settings” screen on your account.

  2. Tap “Privacy.”

  3. Tap “Comments.”

  4. Switch on “Hide Offensive Comments” to automatically filter unwanted comments.

  5. Switch on “Manual Filter.” 

  6. Type in any works or phrases you want to filter out into the text box that appears below “Manual Filter.”

8. Record hands-free video for Instagram Stories:

  1. Open the Instagram Stories camera.

  2. Swipe through the camera options at the bottom of the screen and stop at the “Hands Free” option.

  3. Press the capture button to start recording.

  4. To stop recording, either press the capture button again or let the maximum time run out.

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

9. Cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook: This is a great way to get started with posting Stories and to test content across both platforms. Linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page will give you access to this feature.

  1. Once your accounts are linked, open  “Account Settings” and tap “Privacy” followed by “Story Controls.” 

  2. Switch on “Share Your Story To Facebook.”

10. Hide hashtags to declutter your posts: Keep your captions clutter-free to keep readers focused and engaged.

Method 1:

  1. Leave your hashtags out of your caption entirely and put them in a comment below your post instead. 

  2. As soon as a second comment is posted, the hashtags will no longer be visible outside the comments section.

Method 2:

  1. Separate your hashtags from the rest of the caption by adding several line breaks.

  2. After you’ve written your caption, tap the “Return” button on your keyboard to enter a line break, followed by some kind of punctuation mark to indicate that there is more content couched below the line breaks.

  3. Repeat this process at least three times, after which the hashtags are hidden by Instagram unless followers tap the “more” option.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below. Eager to craft your company’s social media marketing or public relations strategy? Contact our team to learn more.

Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Public Relations


Continuously simplifying and improving team processes is key in maximizing efficiency and success in every industry. When it comes to planning, pitching and collaborating with media and influencers, there’s a Google Chrome extension to save marketers and public relations professionals time along every step of the PR journey – from research and outreach, to monitoring and reporting.

Check out a few of our favorites below:

Upfluence Software – Allows users to search for influencers, view full profiles on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and other platforms, plus analyze performance metrics including engagement rate, reach, audience demographics and more.

Upfluence Software

Upfluence Software

Hunter – Enables users to instantly discover who to contact when they visit a website. Hunter provides names, job titles, social networks and phone numbers using domain search capabilities.



Bitly – Gives users the ability to shorten, measure and optimize their links. Saving and sharing links using the extension saves all link data to your Bitly account as well.



Evernote Web Clipper – Helps users save what’s important to them. Use this extension when browsing the web to save full pages or shorter snippets to read later. Users can clip webpages, highlight key points, annotate saved items and access that information through their Evernote account.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

CoverageBook Clipper – Simplifies users’ coverage collection during the reporting process. This extension allows marketers and PR pros to bookmark coverage as links and posts roll in and then copy all bookmarks in one quick click to paste into coverage reports.

CoverageBook Clipper

CoverageBook Clipper

Looking to build a solid public relations strategy for your brand or business? The Social Ape Marketing team can help! Contact our team to get started on your next PR campaign.

Meet the Media Monday: Katie Peralta

Meet the Media Monday - Katie Peralta (1).png

Meet the Media Monday: Katie Peralta of The Charlotte Observer

It’s time for another Meet the Media Monday! The series features a brief Q&A with leading Charlotte journalists as we get to know the faces behind the stories that matter most in the Queen City. This week, we chat with Katie Peralta of The Charlotte Observer.

Katie Peralta is one of Charlotte’s leading business journalists, having written about everything from new business openings and NASCAR to the Carolina Panthers. We caught up with Katie over coffee at one of our favorite local spots, Sunflour Baking Company, to discuss the Charlotte journalism scene, tips for staying focused and everything in between.

  • What's the craziest story you've ever covered?

    • KP: “The Panthers ownership drama. It wasn’t just one story and we weren’t the first to break the news. When Jerry Richardson was accused and everything that came after that...that series of stories.”

  • If you could write for any publication what would it be?

    • KP: “The New Yorker.”

  • Something people would be surprised to learn about you?

    • KP: “I lived in Spain for a year in college. I’m going back in six days for a trip! I wouldn’t live there, but it taught me how much I take for granted here.”

  • If you weren’t a journalist what would you be?

    • KP: “Probably an attorney. I would make more money, but probably be less happy.”

  • What attracted you to journalism?

    • KP: “Initially, I wanted to have an activity in college. I felt like I was missing a piece of something. I saw a classified ad in college for the Notre Dame Observer and that’s how I got started. My mom was also a professional writer!”

  • What are the challenges you face being a journalist in 2019?

    • KP: “Lack of resources is the biggest one. The newspaper industry is facing continuously declining print revenue. It’s difficult to adhere to certain standards if you’re part of a chain. The fact that people blame the media...we’re good about admitting when we’re wrong.”

  • What’s your favorite social media platform? (both professionally and personally)

    • KP: “Professionally, Twitter. Personally, Instagram.”

  • How long have you lived in Charlotte? What brought you here?

    • KP: “I moved in 2005 for my dad’s job. I went to college a year later, came back six months after graduating college, then I went to Chicago, then D.C. and I was back in Charlotte for good in 2015.”

  • What's your favorite activity in Charlotte?

    • KP: “The breweries. Walking my dog. Being with my family (my cousins live here too) and cooking.”

  • What’s one thing you could change about Charlotte?

    • KP: “A train that went in more directions.”

  • What has surprised you the most about Charlotte?

    • KP: “How welcoming people are to newcomers (in a good way). People take pride in the city, people aren’t put into silos and there’s an eagerness to form communities.”

  • What’s your favorite season in Charlotte and why?

    • KP: “Fall! Because I hate the humidity and have no patience for how Southerners handle snow (haha).”

  • Advice to aspiring journalists?

    • KP: “Be deliberate and know what you want to do or be clear about what you want to cover. Be realistic.”

  • Favorite restaurant in CLT?

    • KP: “Good Food on Montford, Alexander Michael’s, and NoDa Bodega.”

Want to learn more about The Charlotte Observer? Head to their website or follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for the latest.